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Folks 'round here call me Lola. In a former life, I spent my days working in fashion styling, glossy magazines, and the book publishing world while living in mega glam cities like New York and Miami. One day I read a couple books (they were called European Dream and Skinny Bitch if you must know...geez so nosy you are!) and life as I knew it changed forever. I realized just how connected we all are, and there are more important things than following a status quo - especially one that harms the planet, or even ourselves.

These days, I lead a relatively simple life, but I am slightly (still, just slightly I promise) obsessed with fashion. Oh anddd food. And everything related to it. Including, but of course not limited to, eating it. But as much as I love to eat, I am also known for writing thousands of words daily, vintage shopping while broke, and occasionally knocking old ladies over just to score the latest pretty cookbooks or nonfiction bestsellers in Barnes & Noble. I of course dabble in photography like the next person, experiment with tech, and pretend to be the lovechild of Anna Wintour and Martha Stewart though I am not there. Yet. I dream of becoming a millionaire off of humble writing so I can retire young, travel endlessly, and indulge in philanthropy. By the way, Jamie Oliver and Sarah Jessica Parker are my heroes. 

Boring Boastful Third-person Facts:

Becoming Lola is the brainchild of designer, digital entrepreneur wunderkind, and award winning author Letitia Elizabeth. Letitia has held covetable editor positions at top American magazines including MFW, Elle and Haute Living. She is also a published poet, and has been featured in a few cookbooks because she just can't stop eating. Currently, Letitia is giddy to be one of the few minority faces in the tech startup world with her stealthy mobile app Biz Genie, as well as a guest contributor to notable online media brands including YFS Magazine, She Knows, and Female Entrepreneur Association.

about my minimalist community blog:

A sartorial satire on my personal style in the context of living outside the norm, minimalism, and humans aspiring to a default ethical nature despite ourselves. Whether you're looking to build an enviable social network while traveling the world as a digital nomad or a capsule minimalist wardrobe, everyone is welcome!

If you fancy, you can follow me on Twitter @shopletitiaeliz visit my Facebook group, Pinterest boards or follow this blog on Bloglovin. Of course you can send me good 'ol fashion mail (my email, not snail mail little stalkers) and I will respond to you in a jiffy.

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