becoming minimalist and why more is just more

May 18, 2015

decluttering and living simply
UPDATE: This becoming minimalist post is back by popular demand. 

Since returning home from my first solo travel trip ever, I immediately fell prey to the "system" yet again. 

This time, the love of my life has seen the light and decided the system doesn't work for him either. So we are off to travel the world, leaving everything behind. This is how my minimalist journey started...


I'm a little fed up. I live in a country where I wake up every morning for the sole purpose of paying bills and taxes. Where my government officials wake up every morning to serve people, so long as those people deal them eight-figure checks under the table. Where capitalist conglomerate CEOs wake up every morning to ensure they're creating the absolute healthiest foods, safest drugs, and the most transparent companies on Earth. If they happen to turn over a tiny profit of 13.6 billion dollars, then hey, that's just a bonus. And who can forget the drones. Oh. No. No no, not the fly by night kind. The 9-5 kind. You know the ones. The sluggish drones who also wake up every morning complacent, fearful, and unfulfilled; plugging in hours at a job they loathe while penning a blog at night they hope will make them rich, perpetuating relationships they dream of having the courage to end, making bucket lists they have no business creating in the first place, and envying the lives of prettier, skinner, more famous [enter names here] while never acknowledging that [enter names here] detests their own lives too. Lindsay Lohan with a side of Amanda Bynes anyone?

alterations and tailoring for minimalist wardrobes

Aug 20, 2014

So here we are dolls, the end of the road for our lean wardrobe mini series. If you have invested a considerable amount of time curating your wardrobe thus far and purchasing quality items, it might also be time to invest in a good tailor. Many people think that its nearly impossible to find clothes that fit them properly. In a sense that might be true, especially if you are expecting an item to fit you right off the rack. But before you condemn your body for not being absolutely runway perfect, remind yourself that you have power over your clothes. Not the other way around.

There are millions of body types, and honestly, there is no way that a size 10 is going to fit every single “size ten person” the same. Seriously, if something doesn't fit you, it is probably the garment's fault (hello Forever21, we see you!). Make the clothes work for you and get the necessary alterations.

minimalist living guide: loving kombucha

Jul 30, 2014

kombucha guide

What is Kombucha anyway? I had to drop in with a quick note because amidst my minimalist travels, I've finally had the experience of seeing what all the fuss is about. For those who don’t know, Kombucha is a very tasty and fizzy fermented tea drink. Kombucha, while it dates back to ancient Chinese times, is still relatively new to western society and us slow-to-bandwagon Americans. Those who can’t get past the name or the vinegary smell are simply missing out. As a new fan, I feel it necessary to present you with 3 reasons you should give this mysterious beverage a try.