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Jul 10, 2013

why building a minimalist wardrobe from scratch is bull crap

So I was sifting through my minimalist wardrobe the other day, (literally the most minimal of all the minimalist wardrobes...what have I done) when it dawned on me that this whole experiment of finally quitting mindless consumption for the sake of a simplified life filled with ethical decisions, renewed interconnectedness, reduced autonomy, less neurosis, and more money to allocate to "experiences" versus "materials" (do some air quotes with me here) is completely and utterly, well, bull crap! You see me above? Yeah, that's me. I'm doing that face where I feel ridiculous on the inside but it comes across endearing on the outside. 

Well anyway, there I am in a completely thrifted outfit. Not only have I embraced a reductive lifestyle in the context of consumption, I've chosen to not participate in propagated designer or fast fashion until more ethical options are wildly accessible. And clearly that was a lack of oxygen to the brain on my part, because had I known I'd be giving up a life of blissful ignorance, a plethora of choices at all times in all places of business for everything imaginable, opportunities to painfully compare my closet to those of others while adding shit I don't need, and the ability to develop my style based on a concocted formula of copying, trending, and filling in with freebies...well had I known all that, I wouldn't have done the damn experiment. Why? Because as a minion of the fashion industry I've come to enjoy certain aspects of life. Little luxuries that have now ceased to exist. I have to actually challenge myself to get intimate with my body shape again (hanging on to a high school waist size does wonders for bathroom mirror affirmations), flattering colors or eras of dress (turns out buying orange to seduce yourself into liking orange like that other blogger said doesn't work!), and create daily looks with the same amount of clothing as someone of a lesser class, or even those who are poverty-stricken might have. GASP. All for what? This is madness.

Jul 9, 2013

reader love #1

Debbie's blog is chock full refined classic style remixed hi-lo
If you've paid attention, you know I cultivate community the same way I do personal style: eagerly and tirelessly. So in hopes of opening up my close knit group of long established online friendships, I thought spotlighting my readers who take the time to generously leave thoughtful and authentic comments would be a great way to build up a new circle of cohorts. In a sea of blogs with the same asinine comments fluctuating between "omg soooo cute" and "looks fab on you XOXOXO" it goes without saying that I value discovering readers who have thoughts that venture beyond six syllables, and if they too have blogs, then all the better. So here are just the handful of delightful blogs that are owned by readers who are welcome to my online party any time.

Jul 8, 2013

what to do now that google rss reader is gone? replace with bloglovin

If you've been living in a cave, then please do yourself a favor and become a member of Bloglovin. It's free. It's great. And it was ALWAYS better than Google Reader. Come follow me here.

PS- Like my necklace? Come hither and see how I styled it here with thrifted blue shoes, here where I embody a Marc Jacobs daisy perfume ad, and here where I am completely overdressed for a stroll in the park. Because yes, I buy things...AND where them more than once. Who knew!

For Those With Outfit Envy:


What are you using for blog subscriptions now?

Jul 7, 2013

how to become an it girl fashion blogger while saving the environment

This post is for you if you:

  • Spend innumerable sleepless nights agonizing over your to-do lists for the morning that's brimming with pesky chores like filing a trademark application for your two week old blog, finding film for your digital camera, calling in vacation days to your job as a hostess so you can align your schedule with your boyfriend's who takes your photos, and exchanging these pants...not because they are utterly ridiculous but because you clearly wanted a size 8, not a size 4, because you are above shopping in your size; you want to prove it doesn't take a feminist to appreciate "man repelling"
  • Have yet to figure out just what it takes to travel the world on someone else's dime where savoring free Mediterranean meals, attending notorious fashion events, and sleeping in world class hotels is just beyond your reach, but you are willing to do whatever and whomever it takes to forever be on vacation
  • Yearn for the day when clothing simply materializes at your door step, as if from an evolved baby stork, all because you had the courage, tenacity, wits, and physical perfection to start a fashion blog where you showcase never before gawked at OOTDs from never before heard of designers that are creating unprecedented new fashions, the likes of which, the previous 2000 years have never seen
  • Are completely and utterly willing to forgo your roots (heritage, hair, or otherwise) and shed your current social class in order to impersonate a refined, worldly, alluring being that exudes excess all in the name of pleasure and "once-in-a-lifetime-experiences" while keeping a revered publicist on hand for the inevitable character assassinations that will come your way
  • Also prepared to bleach your skin if you're a woman of color, tan your skin if you're too fair a caucasian, lose some weight if your not a designer's ideal size 2, or gain some weight for the perfect new curvy fashionista niche blog

Jul 5, 2013

[video review] in my beauty bag june edition



Benecos Liner Pencils for eyebrow maintenance
African Black Soap for cleansing, brightening, and pore refining
Physician's Formula 100% Organic Mascara for enhancing naturally long lashes

Jul 4, 2013

[editorial] whimsically feminine style on 4th of july


Jul 1, 2013

the $20 marciano shoes in which I restrained myself at a vintage shop

For weeks, even months now, I've been girl crushing hard on some bloggers that took me a lifetime to find. Honestly, it truly has. As an editor and technology slut of a consumer, I've been blogging since the birth of the word blog, and even when you could count them on one hand, the chore of digging through the aerated foam to get to the creme de la creme was literally needle hunting. Now the haystack is more like the Amazon, but luckily the cream still rises to the top and I count myself fortunate to have discovered one such rising star, Jess, who has taught me more than any overpriced collegiate program ever could when it comes to how the noggin ticks. 
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