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Sep 1, 2016

solo girl chronicles: How Travel Became My Secret Weapon for Network Success

Growing up, almost every girl dreams of one day traveling the world. We are graced with the stories of fierce travelers and dangerous places. They all seem so mysterious and glamorous... until the day when our dreams finally become reality.

In September of 2015 that day came for me. Little did I know that this brave voyage to a new land would be the same journey to catapult me and my husband into the crazy, fantastic, and sometimes scary world of entrepreneurship. The trip took 17 hours. Final destination: Africa!

It all began with a dream, many dreams in fact, for both of us. Years prior to the journey, we had dreams of Africa, and how beautiful it was. We would see the culture in our imaginations, and we knew that this was a journey we had to take. Being Spiritual people, we prayed to God, asking Him for direction. Every door seemed to point to this land across the sea. We knew what we had to do!

Fast forward to today. We originally left for Africa to pursue long term ministry opportunities, but were quickly smacked with the realization that BIG THINGS COST BIG MONEY. Virtually, we had big dreams, and big plans, with very few solutions for how to solve them. All we clung to was our great faith, and the belief that “What God orders, He pays for”. I guess you could call us make-shift missionaries,

...although I believe we are so much more!

I believe everyone has their defining moments. These moments have the potential to either make you, or break you. For us, it was the time between taking the jump, and our biggest breakthrough. Long story short, this endless free fall came to an abrupt halt when we decided to take things into our owns hand. In October, we began the start of our online business and are haven’t looked back since!

Ultimately, one of the greatest things that we have learned is that you can’t do anything in business on your own. You need friends you can count on, people you can trust, and stories to inspire you. In time, we decided to start a Go Fund me page and the response was so encouraging! Close friends, pastors, and even family members decided to invest in our vision. The funds were enough to send us to our next location where we spent 4 days in Botswana enjoying life and ministry with the beautiful people. Here is when everything changed. I felt fulfilled. I felt whole. I felt like this was my family… my home away from home.

This special moment left me with a very important lesson.

In your journey of entrepreneurship, never dismiss the connections that you make along the way.

We came to Botswana with mediocre expectations, and left (metaphorically) with 1 new mom, 4 brothers, and a story that would leave any National Geographic traveler at a loss for words. It turns out that the son of our host family was away traveling in India. He was a millennial, pursuing his dreams and providing through online means, just like us. Eventually we connected and found that we did a lot of the same things! We talked, we traded secrets, and we promised to stay in touch! I never knew that he and many others would become my secret weapon, my special force to deal major damage to the “world of unsuccessful business”.

If I could give any lesson to my fellow traveling entrepreneurs, it would be to use wisdom, keep the faith, and never forget about your secret weapon: community. There are countless stories of big success and dreams coming true. But there is one special ingredient I feel is always necessary, but lightly discussed. This ingredient is the power of unity. It has the power to make you, to break you, and to catapult you in ways that you could never imagine on your own. So be encouraged! Let your passions lead the way and the power of community be your inspiration. Soon you’ll find that there’s beauty in the journey, and that life has an uncanny way of turning fierce and mysterious travels into a fantastic and glorious experience!

Danielle Tucker is a Brand Coach and Social Design Strategist from Chelsea, AL. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, she most enjoys spending time with family and being immersed in new cultures. When she's not tinkering online, you can find her exploring different countries in Africa, trying new foods, and embracing life with her husband, Davarious. 

Solo Girl Chronicles is a  series on the blog. I am opening up the blog to admirable girls I have come across from years of "living" online who surprisingly have a lot more in common with my story, and maybe even yours, of anxiety disorders and social mental blocks than anyone would realize. Sometimes you just a need a chance to share your voice. After that, we all realize how similar we really are, and how no one is alone when it comes to the human experience. If you'd like to share your story, please see my new submissions page here.

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