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solo girl chronicles: this is my tribe

So there I found myself, a full-fledged inspirational blogger and life +business coach. I had decided that I’ve – like many other entrepreneurs would say – have found my calling, my why, my purpose in the work I’ve chosen to pursue. I felt free, getting to make my own schedule, living one day at a time, and doing what makes me feel the most alive every single day.

What wasn’t there to love? I knew that my mission was to motivate and inspire others to see the brilliance in themselves. I could feel that my cup was truly filled when I saw them thrive and chase their dreams. I know how much it is a joy, a treasure, and a true privilege to be able to help others realize their potential. This is my true north.

But, then, there it was; the pink elephant that no entrepreneur likes to fully acknowledge: being an entrepreneur isn’t exactly the golden ticket to eternal happiness.

Often times blogging keeps me up late at night when all I really want to do is watch TV after my son goes to bed. Pushing out messages of positivity on social media is sometimes the opposite of how I’m really feeling that day. Everyday, I’m hustling my little tush off - creating, planning, and thinking about my next move all while grappling with fear that something will fail, I will be judged, or things won’t fall into place exactly like I imagine.

Being a one-woman show isn’t the easiest job, despite all the exotic photos plastered on any girl boss’s Instagram. I used to look at other women running their businesses and think that they’ve got it all figured out. I would be in awe and wonder how I could ever be as brave as they are to show up every single day. I never thought that having my own business would be easy, but I also never thought it’d feel so foreign.

After talking to dozens of entrepreneurs, I came to a realization that none of us really know what we’re doing. What we do know, however, is that we are highly intuitive, determined individuals. We know what feels good, and we are constantly learning how to anchor into our hearts to lead the way. Because, at the end of the day, that’s all we’ve got.

I’ve also realized something else that we all have in common. Nothing keeps an entrepreneur truckin’ better than other entrepreneurs cheering us along. I’ve learned that the biggest asset to building a business is having a great support system.

So who’s in my entrepreneur cabinet?

This is my tribe...

The Coach/Mentor. The number one smartest move I’ve made in business was getting a coach on my side. She helped propel me in the right direction. I was able to see what my blocks were and where in my life and business they were holding me back. Then I learned how to deal with them as they came up. I know having a coach/mentor will always be a necessity in my business. That, I welcome with open arms.

The New Circle of Friends. Being an entrepreneur naturally leads to meeting a multitude of different people. Social media and the Internet has made it possible for me to meet like-minded people with similar businesses. Networking with other entrepreneurs in my area and around the globe, especially, has truly made a world of difference in staying motivated to keep on, keepin’ on. A good handful have become soul sisters, and I wouldn’t even dare to dream as big as I do without their supportive energy.

The Mastermind. Before becoming my own boss, I had no idea what a mastermind was. Even after knowing what it was, I didn’t realize the necessity for it until I joined one. These groups come in different shapes and sizes. There are some massive ones, with hundreds of entrepreneurs and others that are a smaller handful of people. It’s where ideas are bounced around and supportive advice is given. But it’s not always about work. So much of what entrepreneurs do is juggle work and play. There’s no beginning and no end, and the only people that truly understand it are those in the same shoes. Masterminds are that safe space where projects, dreams, and life struggles are all discussed. They’re needed. Oh so needed.

And so on the harder days that feel like an uphill battle, I pause and remember that there are people going through the same thing I am. The best I can do is show up for my clients each and every day, to keep trying new things even though they might (eek!) fail, and to continue connecting with others.

There are moments in life that make us feel extremely lonely, but being a girl boss definitely lends itself to loneliness without people – true, supportive people – to share wins, losses, challenges, and triumphs with.

Whose in your tribe?

Kaye Namba is an inspirational blogger and deeply passionate Life + Business Coach, who specializes in mentoring women entrepreneurs to courageously build their dream life. Using heart-centered coaching and the principles of The Desire Map, she works to help the movers ‘n shakers uncover their purpose and step forward with confidence.
Ready to pull your dreams into your reality? You can find out more at Little Golden Penguin. 

Solo Girl Chronicles is a new weekly series on the blog. I am opening up the blog to admirable girls I have come across from years of "living" online who surprisingly have a lot more in common with my story, and maybe even yours, of anxiety disorders and social mental blocks than anyone would realize. Sometimes you just a need a chance to share your voice. After that, we all realize how similar we really are, and how no one is alone when it comes to the human experience. If you'd like to share your story, please see my new submissions page here.

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