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are we gonna do this or what? because I am getting sick of you

I'm a little fed up. With you. Yeah you! Ok not YOU for real, just the metaphorical you being represented by some really annoying deer-in-headlights women I've come across lately. And it might be time to say goodbye to them. I know its the unpopular choice. The choice that won't turn you into a raving, batshit insane stalking me on Twitter, wants my autograph for no reason kind of fan that most bloggers want these days. A choice that means I might have only 3K followers on instagram instead of 180K. But I don't care. I am doing this. Because I am confused about what the heck is going on here. Are we really becoming these people...

You know the ones; the sluggish drones who wake up almost every morning complacent, fearful, and unfulfilled; complaining about all the things they wish they had time for but claim they can't schedule in, plugging in hours at a job they loathe while penning a coaching blog at night that they hope will make them rich, buying every self-help personal development bestseller on Amazon to project the notion of chasing dreams, perpetuating relationships they wish they had the courage to end all the while not doing a damn thing to foster the ones that need to begin, making bucket lists they have no business creating in the first place (since vacations are only 5 days anyway) and envying the lives of prettier, skinnier, more famous [enter names here] while never acknowledging that [enter names here] detests their own lives too. I don't want to hang with those people anymore. I am over it. So friggin over it.

But, it’s not their fault. It’s not YOUR fault. Ignorance is bliss, that is all. Not to mention you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. And who the hell are you surrounding yourself with by the way, do you even know? Do you even care? Have you lost the barometer to even know when it's time to care for yourself? Not just for your business, not your family, but YOU. The you who needs someone who completely, utterly, graciously gets you. So I'm thinking...why not see what happens when we arm someone with the most powerful thing money, books, and privilege can't buy - friendships.

That is my dream - a dream to create the greatest, most visually inspiring, innovatively fresh, authentic, conscious, and ballsy entrepreneurial movement on the planet, masquerading as a mobile app

And I want you to share this journey with me. Why? Because we need to redefine success in this world. We need to start believing in individuality, not the concept of replicating Instagram’s best and brightest. This will be no small undertaking, but I am blessed by the grit and aspiring energy of so many others who are joining me already on this rocky path. Let’s call them the Femmeboss street team, who you’ll get to meet in the coming weeks because I don't hide or pretend that I get anywhere by myself - I get to all my destinations through community and support. That's just the kinda bitch I am. #whogonstopme

We absolutely have to root for one another, during a time where the majority of people are the most desolate and desperate they’ve ever been, but too ashamed (or simply just in denial) to admit it. 

And we women, without a doubt, can have our cake and eat it too, without failing, if we simply shift the power away from material goals and more toward priceless life experiences. It takes guts and genuine interest in the truth to do this. Are you with me? I’m going to dream big for you, even if you aren’t dreaming big for yourself. Yet. You may be wondering why I would take time from a bustling home fashions company to start yet another tech company.

Well, the answer is simple.

Besides being fed up, and you bet your ass I am, I’m also supremely optimistic. In a world brimming with imitation and replication, we wanted to show what can be when you start to believe in the power of authenticity and old fashioned priorities. Priorities that take hard mental work. The greasy elbow kind, not the think on it hard enough and it will manifest out of thin air come kind. I want a company that becomes a movement which is so extraordinary and daring it begins to leap off the screen and into real lives of women everywhere. If you put enough care and passion into uplifting or empowering your community, the domino effect is insurmountable and makes the world a better place.

By the way, fun little fact moment - I was Miss Teen Miami, and instead of saying I wanted world peace upon accepting my crown and sash, the more realistic thought that occurred to me was, “I hope for nurtured communities to manifest from the fruits of my handiwork.” 

So, here I am, and it took me damn long enough. I’ve watched as those who shall remain nameless come into my welcoming hub of ideas, steal them along with my team, and launch their own whatever it is they think they launched. I sank into misery, which luckily fueled the fire in my belly to do something about it, do anything really, but I could never shake the urge to create a platform where women could feel empowered to do what they actually love doing while feeling supremely fulfilled, the way I seemed to naturally make it work for myself over the last decade.

Admittedly, I'm a bit nervous, and this is a totally natural reaction. Because we've been well trained military-style to put fear above all else until it consumes our lives like a tumorous cancer. Be realistic! Be cautious! Wait for the right time because tomorrow is definitely guaranteed. Shelve your true desires and human needs just a bit longer. But, the little secret no one tells you is that cutting the umbilical cord that chains you to a status quo, an impassioned career or a relationship you don’t really want can make anyone apprehensive and doubtful, but it also can be the fire under your ass to finally reclaim your right to be happy in this life, not the next one. Now THAT is something worth waking up for.

For that reason, and many others, I could not be more proud of Femmeboss and Solo Girl Squad and its potential. After spending over twelve years hustling, grinding and keeping all senses open to information overload, I now have the honor and pleasure to showcase the thought leaders who share my love of honesty - the ones who have risen up against the status quo to live a daring life of no apologies, creating products and services for the world that they truly believe is their calling. Pared down, give-it-to-you straight, no-bullshit forays into the life of bodacious bosses everywhere.

Coming to the blog in full force are stories of tycoons in the making, humble creative studios, maternal spirits reminding us of self-care, bloggers who deserve their title, renegade business models, funding tips, launch plans, designers, artists, tech geeks, and, of course, the piece de resistance which is our mobile app that will literally connect you to these admirable women. So you can befriend them and not feel so alone. Support them. Embrace them. Go out on a coffee date with them. Watch tv marathons with them. Attend their wedding one day. Be there for their first store opening. Call them late at night after a fight with your partner. That is what I am building. Because it doesn't exist. And I'll be damned if I have to play spectator to my girl crushes any longer. I want to really know them. I want authentic access to them. I want to be welcomed by them. And I know you do too.

This is a movement that shares the story behind the stories. No spin. No hype. No “it girls”. These are girls who are “IT” because they put themselves there, not because society allowed or bestowed upon them the title. Ladies who don’t give a shit whether you’re their fan on Twitter or not. These are women who have a voice, rebel against traditional, cultural logic, and learn the hard way that sometimes, just sometimes, we have no choice in the end but to just be ourselves. Then when the right time strikes, we will find others just like us who will join our squad. Become our family. And me? I am undeniably a #femmeboss.

So what are you?

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