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alterations and tailoring for minimalist wardrobes

So here we are dolls, the end of the road for our lean wardrobe mini series. If you have invested a considerable amount of time curating your wardrobe thus far and purchasing quality items, it might also be time to invest in a good tailor. Many people think that its nearly impossible to find clothes that fit them properly. In a sense that might be true, especially if you are expecting an item to fit you right off the rack. But before you condemn your body for not being absolutely runway perfect, remind yourself that you have power over your clothes. Not the other way around.

There are millions of body types, and honestly, there is no way that a size 10 is going to fit every single “size ten person” the same. Seriously, if something doesn't fit you, it is probably the garment's fault (hello Forever21, we see you!). Make the clothes work for you and get the necessary alterations.

Capsule Wardrobe Alterations

Alterations are extremely helpful if you are curvy or petite but truly, everyone can use a talented tailor from time to time. If considering tailoring your capsule wardrobe is pushing you into new fashion territory, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Buy returnable items- When you take an item to the tailor, they will let you know if your alternation needs are possible and how much it will cost you. If it is too expensive or not possible, you can return the item to the store unaltered.
  • Find a knowledgeable tailor- Tailors should help you. They should be able to look at a garment and tell you what's wrong with it. Don't be afraid to shop around until you find someone that you like.
  • Know what can be altered- Common alterations include shortening hems, changing sleeve length, taking in the waist or tightening pants. Items with detailing might be possible to alter but it might cost you more. Items will lining can sometimes be problematic.

Expense can be an issue. Logically, the price will increase as your alteration needs increase. Generally speaking, you should try to focus on buying items that only need one or two alterations. If a garment needs a lot of alternations, it should be a “can't-live-without-it” sort of piece. Keeping in mind what constitutes a simple alteration, a good rule of thumb is to find a size that fits your widest asset. From there, the rest of the garment can be altered.

Sometimes you need to bring an “investment item” to the tailor. For example, if you need a good-fitting blazer or suit jacket for work, you should be willing to spend a little extra money to get an exact fit. Prices will vary from tailor to tailor so it is always a good idea to compare quality of work to prices in the area. Often, word of mouth can lead you to some excellent businesses.

With that in mind, enjoy your wardrobe! Use it to express yourself and stand in front of your closet every morning with excitement. You have truly earned it.


  1. Anonymous1:07 PM EDT

    Hi Leti,

    Great post, as a tall girl with extreme hourglass measurements I find it hard to find clothes that fit well you have inspired me to sort out my wardrobe. Currently I am wearing capri trousers in autumn because I can't get well fitting trousers!

    I'm sure lots of people will find this informative and helpful.

    1. Ahh thanks for your lovely comment. Makes me feel amazing if I can inspire any sort of wardrobe change or enlightenment. I know how hard it can be to fit certain proportions. Don't give up! ;)


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