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wardrobe planning with brooke of the style planner

wardrobe planning business interview
In this post you might remember I wanted to start an interview series here on the blog that showcases girls kicking ass (re: quitting their stale jobs to follow their dreams like becoming a wardrobe planning stylist). 

As with all things during my world travel jaunts, I am way behind in schedule, but there is never a bad time to launch inspiration. 

So let's kick things off with a dear online friend of mine. Brooke is among the very few fashion bloggers with a distinct eye for personal style who just so happens to be in business to make the rest of us look better. 

Generic fashion blogs are a commodity these days, and the moment I discovered her buried hidden gem, I knew we'd be fast friends. Hope you find some inspiration in this fashion ceo interview featuring the wardrobe planning stylist herself. Remember to use my contact form on my About page if you'd like to be featured!

fashion wardrobe styling business interview

wardrobe planning with Brooke of the style planner

Name: Brooke

Location: Michigan

Job Title: Founder & Chief Stylist at 

The Style Planner

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What's your background and how did you come to create The Style Planner, the working gal's guide to style?

I've always been a very outspoken, confident person. Fashion was just another way that I was able to standout and express myself. It actually wasn't until half way through my first year of college that it even occurred to me that I could actually make it a career. From that point on, it was just inevitable! I'm the type of person that goes after what they want in full force. I spent a year traveling to gain some real world experience. I moved to NYC for four months to work on the wholesale side of the business and then I spent another six months in LA assisting Hollywood's' most elite stylists on a popular television show. Receiving my degree was important to me, so although I was offered great opportunities, I knew they would have to wait in order for me to finish school. I returned home to Michigan to finish my schooling and that's when the entrepreneur in me really came out and The Style Planner was formed. I love styling clients and my greatest joy is helping others become the most confident and stylish version of themselves.

How did you settle on the personal style that has now been associated with your work?

I am the working gal! So I understand the challenges of having a versatile but yet stylish work wardrobe that is both appropriate for the office and dinner with the girls. It's a luxury that I just couldn't afford to have both a office capsule wardrobe and a social one. Everyone has a personal style that needs to be harnessed and The Style Planner allows everyone, on any budget, achieve a versatile and an affordable wardrobe that fits their lifestyle.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Saying no. It's very exciting when new opportunities are offered up to you, but it's only inevitable that when you spread yourself too thin, something is going to suffer. It can sometimes be hard turning down great opportunities, but your number one priority is your business. So, although networking is a must there has to be a limit to what you take on.

What is the best lesson you have learned along the way?

Stay true to yourself. It is so easy to compare yourself and your business to other, more successful ones. And it is just as easy to mimic what they are doing. I think the best lesson I have learned has been, to just be you! You will attract those readers or clients that appreciate what you have to say or the work you do. Not everyone is going to agree with you or want to work with you, but staying true to yourself will be what allows you to stand out, be credible and remain current.

Take us through your day! What does 24 hours in your shoes look like?

Lots of multi-tasking and wearing many hats! I'm currently working two full time jobs so I'm a finance associate by day and stylist by night. I start my day at 7am, catching up on emails, checking social media sites, planning my day and enjoying a cup of Jo. I start my day job at 9am and spend the day at the office. I'm usually spending any downtime networking on social media and returning emails to clients. I'm home by 6pm, usually toss something quick and easy together for dinner, say hello to my love and hop back on the laptop. I'll usually spend my evenings styling my online clients and catching up on my favorite blogs. It's definitely a balancing act, but I absolutely love connecting with such great women!

Do you have any apps, tools or tricks that keep your organized and stress-free?

Pen and paper. I'm an avid list maker and enjoy the act of being able to cross things off my list as I accomplish them. It keeps you motivated when your feeling overwhelmed. I also have a notepad that I take with me every where. It houses everything from ideas, client notes to business information. I'd be completely lost without it!

Which person, brand or company do you most admire the most and why?

For my clients I favor Express. It's seriously a one stop shop! From office attire to a social wardrobe, they have quality products at affordable prices. My clients are looking for style on a budget, that is versatile enough for all aspects of their life. Express is always on the list of stores we visit during the majority of my client sessions.

Give a shout out: Is there anyone in your life that has stood out to you as being extra supportive?

I'm very fortunate to have such a great support system of both friends and family. I've always been a dreamer and my friends and family have always encouraged all my dreams. As of late, I definitely have to give a shout out to my boyfriend. We live together so he has witnessed my melt downs and is always so supportive and encouraging. He really is the reason why I decided to really go full force with my business.

When you’re not rocking the world with your talented self, how do you kick back and relax?

I'm actually quite the home body. A few sweets, candle lit and the latest episode of Dateline or Shark Tank and I'm one happy gal. I have absolutely no shame in spending all day in bed!

What advice could you give to someone who is starting their own blog/product/start-up?

Be patient and get comfortable just 'being' in your business. At the beginning, you are of the few, if not the only, person that sees the big picture or ultimate "vision" of your new venture. And not everyone responds as eagerly as you would like, so patience and consistency are definitely key.

If you had a life mantra it would be, 
"Life is too short to wear boring clothes."
In five years I hope to be continuously expanding my network. Every client I work with is such an inspiration. There is something very exciting and influential about witnessing success as it's happening, or on the cusp of it's break through. I absolutely love it, it's why I do what I do.

Did you find this interview inspiring? Leave a comment below on some dreams you are waiting to launch!

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