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reader love #6

I've been busier than a hamster in a plastic ball and let me tell you- it has been exhausting. Worth it? Hell yes! But tiring nonetheless. I am glad when each weekend comes so I finally get to take a break and re-read some of the lovely blog posts written by readers who have left mindful and kind comments here on Becoming Lola. Thank you ladies! Your support means the world to me. If you thought I was one of those fashion editors who doesn't bother with commenters, think again. Once magazines start paying Kim Kardashian-type salaries, you better believe I will be ignoring the existence of 80% of the world, until then, let's keep things humble shall we! (Then again some chicks ignore you even when they're coffee runners at's why I left New York #comedowntoearth) Some of the best conversation happens after the post. So let's see whose been speaking their mind lately on my blog:

Aida is a wife and a mother and still finds time to put together the excellent blog My Life in Mascara. Girl, you are an inspiration! Once I start popping out little chicken fritters who will remain attached to my nipples for a whole year, I want mumus 24/7! #justsayin

Ngozi's blog Dressed features delicious looking food and some serious sophistication. I've never seen a girl with so much natural beauty and poise. I mean, have you seen her legs!?

I want her hair. I want her body. I want that dress. Enough said. Larissa's blog From Hats To Heels is definitely worth a look!

Alice's blog The Mow Way makes me want to jump on a plane and head over to Spain this instant. She also has a pet pig named Paris. What's not to love?

I love Charmeuse's unabashedly feminine appearance. Her style captures a free spirit that I admire and always yearn to pull off myself.

What Anita Said is full of colorful photos and fun to read. It is hard to believe an eighteen year old can write such a charming blog!

Honorable Mention: Danielle Gaito's Frannyelle is unlike any other over-hyped cliche fashion blog I have ever seen. Smart and witty- I appreciate her insightful writing. Worth a bookmark for sure.

Who are your favorite bloggers? Tell me in the comments! I love discovering new ones worth checking out.

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