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window shop #2: building a vintage wardrobe for fall 2013

As fashion week has come and gone I can presume the magazines, department stores, and self-appointed fashion blog gurus alike are all a buzz with this fall’s fashion to-do list. You know exactly which list I speak of, it's the who wore what, when, and, where of it all. Anyone that has been reading my blog long enough knows that I have some serious beef when it comes to the rapid and nauseating pace of alleged high-end fashion, or fast designer fashion as well. To add to my general distrust is the thousands of pictures of runway models  desperately striving to represent an artistic expression of the “modern woman.” (Um, no, I am not six feet tall with legs up to my neck.) The fashion world moves at a neck-braking pace and it seems like the only way to keep a closet up to date with the everlasting change is to ask (wait, no- demand) that some poor little girl in a third-world country work tirelessly for pennies on the hour. Yes, fashion can be fun and I most certainly like to adorn myself in items that are beautiful and new from time to time but this series is dedicated to the simple art of thrifting for the sake of others as well as your own expenses. Plus, you get to give a piece a new life and that, my friends, is exciting! Keep up with the trends without being an ignorant and extravagant dolt!

For those of you who are picking up in the middle of the program, here is a recap of my timeless tips for incorporating vintage items into your wardrobe during any season:
  • Know thyself- take an inventory of all your bits of fabulous. Trust me, I know what my ass-ets are!  Make sure to play up the most delectable parts of your anatomy. Embracing flaws is the key to confidence, not ignoring them or envying what seems to be perfection on others.
  • Shop bigger- so they skinny jeans had their comeback but pants that look like they were painted on do not look divine on everyone. You want to break your bad consumption habits by finding pieces that fit. Reign in your inner compulsion and put down items that are going to give you some depressing muffin-top.
  • Build your closet around basics- don’t abandon your personal style for a set of seasonal trends. It looks nice to be edgy and or polished, but if an item isn’t going to have some amount of staying power, you might as well put it right back into a donation pile. Items that seem timeless to you will have make mixing and matching easy and your style appear effortless.
Note: As with my last post I would like you to know that I would be honored to curate collections for you if you find a piece that reflects your tastes. Let me do it! If it keeps you away from fast fashion chain gang stores I would be more than happy to help you out so just comment below.

Menswear Coats

Turtle Necks


  1. Anonymous5:30 AM EDT

    I am so super behind on your blog posts, but I'll be making a big cup of tea and reading my way through them soon enough! As always, LOVE your message re: enjoying fashion but being ethical about it - and am I right in guessing you're traveling at the moment?? Hope you're having an amazing time girly! xo

    1. Hey doll! Oh I missed you and your blog...and of course your comments. I was nodding in agreement at the big cuppa. Will make some and catch up on your blog as well! xx

  2. Love the color-blocking and emerald!

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. Thanks Kate, I agree! But I can never pull of color blocking for some reason. Arghh :)


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