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don't blame the work, just the gray hair

I'll try not to be too dramatic, but at only a quarter of a century old, I have a bit more elderly colored hair than I'd like. And for the last four years as they have wrecked havoc, I without hesitation blamed stress. I mean we blame stress for so many other things right! But why do we blame the poor grays in our hair on the strains of life or pressure from work? If that is our way of thinking, does that mean it simply requires us getting rid of our work altogether to rid ourselves of our gray? I don’t think so. Consult an expert and get advice. Surely there’s a professional way to deal with this ratty little pest of a problem. Graying of hair is more biological than stress related. I set out to see what I could investigate Sherlock Holmes-style.

Daily routines could be tiring at times, well most of the time actually. How tiring can a day get? You enter your workplace and see people scurrying about with their own tasks. You look at your desk, and there infront of you lay piles and piles of paperwork you need to finish. Worse, you have to take them home with you just to get them done before the deadline. Oh yes, you really feel you’re getting older by the minute with the pressure. If this isn’t enough, you wake up the next day seeing a strand of gray hair. Is life that hard?

Do you know that our hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles that’s due to two types of melanin? Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. Normally, if eumelanin is the dominating type of melanin, the hair color is of a darker shade; while if you have less eumelanin, your hair would be on the lighter side. Melanin level can differ over time which causes one’s hair color to change. Some even have hair follicles of more than one color.

Premature gray hair is not really caused by a gray pigment but rather due to lack of pigmentation and melanin. These grays normally show as people age, while for some, it can happen at a very young age. There could be many causes or reasons for this. It could be because of thyroid deficiencies, the Waardenburg syndrome or even the lack of vitamin B12 which might make sense for me now that I'm a vegetarian. You see, we reach a point in our life wherein the cells that are located in the base of the hair’s follicles slow, and in time stops the production of pigment altogether.

We could also consider heredity as a cause to graying hair. Even our lifestyle can have an effect on our hair discoloration. There are researches and studies that have said to confirm that smokers are likely to go gray four times earlier than the normal graying time. Here is one article which talks about the causes of gray hair:

So it’s an inevitable fact- our hair will gray. What do we do then, even if we've began down the road of minimalism and reduction and still find these little problems arise? Usually, some would just go straight to a department store and look through the shelves for a chemical based hair color/ hair dye and apply it ourselves. Or just walk in a salon and have it done by the hairdresser. But this, my friend, is only temporary. They merely just cover up the grays and in time it would wear off. Since we don't want to look like stressed out X-men characters, an alternative method is the way to go.

We are living in a fast evolving world when it comes to technology and medical research. Science has been able to create products that have the capability not to simply rid you of your dormant hair follicles, but revive them instead. These are the natural hair color restoration vitamins that are available out in the market as medicated products.

The hair color restoration vitamins works as a trigger to melancocytes so the body’s ability to produce melanin pigment will grow. This would overcome the likelihood of our body to produce a smaller amount of melanin if you base it genetically. These vitamins function to revive the near dead pigment cells in our body to bring back our hair’s original color. Usually, the results would be obvious in a span of 4 to 9 months. Two individuals taking the same treatment may not receive the same results since they do no not gray at the same precise moment.

In using these vitamins regularly, you can prevent NDF (Nutrient Deficient Follicles), this is because it contains capsicum, amino acids, and essential minerals that are vital nutrients to hair follicles. The once dormant follicles can resume producing healthy hair if the scalp has proper nutrients and increased blood flow.

So why look for reasons to blame your graying hair on just stress when what you need is a natural solution? There are lots of professionals out there willing to help you. It’s always best to seek medical advice before going for the vitamins. So get rid of those grays and have a portion of your youth back. Enjoy daily activities feeling young and confident. And finally say goodbye to gray hair.

What about you, are you graying a bit earlier too? Tell me in the comments!

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