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reader love #1

Debbie's blog is chock full refined classic style remixed hi-lo
If you've paid attention, you know I cultivate community the same way I do personal style: eagerly and tirelessly. So in hopes of opening up my close knit group of long established online friendships, I thought spotlighting my readers who take the time to generously leave thoughtful and authentic comments would be a great way to build up a new circle of cohorts. In a sea of blogs with the same asinine comments fluctuating between "omg soooo cute" and "looks fab on you XOXOXO" it goes without saying that I value discovering readers who have thoughts that venture beyond six syllables, and if they too have blogs, then all the better. So here are just the handful of delightful blogs that are owned by readers who are welcome to my online party any time.

PS- And we shall all spy to see which robotic reader leaves a comment along the lines of "totally love that on you dear!" even though none of these images are of me. Wink.

For classics addicts, this is the blog for you
Maya will make you envy her ootd's and her fabulous hair 

Katherine's blog is the epitome of gorgeous design and tasteful style, plus everyone needs ice cream this season
Jaleesa makes casual seem effortlessly chic


  1. aww thank you. one of my better outfits.

  2. Omg, thanks so much for this!! I accidentally clicked the following button and unfollowed you, I was so excited! Lol, but I follwed right back. Thank you again. xoxo


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