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elephant in the room: beyonce worst dressed in givenchy at met gala?

This is NOT that type of blog my dear (you know the kind...where the lives of the jet set are more important than our own and the flip side is to interject our unkind hatred on every move they make), but I am going there today in light of research I was doing for an upcoming, more refreshing take on French-inspired minimalistic wardrobe building, but involuntarily crossed these seizure-inducing shots of Beyonce at Monday's Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala and became so incensed, bewildered, appalled, disappointed, and quite frankly ticked off that women of such wealth and power having the crème de la crème of notorious design talent at their flippant disposal would have the gall to show up in a dress that would make Audrey Hepburn shed crocodile tears from her very fashionable grave. Why bring up Audrey? Funny you should ask. Because in my state of bewilderment I got to thinking whether I should continue the quest of shunning designers for creating such tragedies, or question the style sense of the person who dare wear them. And in the case of Beyonce wearing what can only be described as Texas Pageantry Couture (sorry Texans, but you should be ashamed and take back whatever keys to the city you gave Beyonce) it rattled my brain chemistry when I realized Givenchy is the same beloved designer who iconicized what we now know as THE look of Audrey Hepburn. How this minimalist revered design house went from that to the flame-embroidered, sequin-busted, leather-belted failure I witnessed...doesn't it kind of leave you hopeless? And this is to say nothing about Beyonce as a post-baby-rearing woman. I believe all comments on figure in the context of weight is off limits. However, as a fashion design graduate, former fashion stylist, and current fashion editor, for heaven's sake! Slay me now if in 2013 a woman has not learned how to best flatter her figure as opposed to cutting it in half while also doubling it's volume. When I discovered the sweeatheart neckline and empire waist in school, I was eternally infatuated. As a curvy woman (re: average) I knew it would be my most trusted silhouette. But dear Beyonce, an aspiring empire (because clearly it failed her poor bosom) with descending riveted leather belt framed by a head full of two-feet-long extensions is not the composition I had in mind. Nor did I ever think a couterier such as Givenchy would give blessings to matching flame boots and elbow gloves. Am I the only one that had a flashback to when Britney Spears wore denim head-to-toe down the red carpet? That was then, this is now. Beyonce, I beg you, please evolve. And leave the robotic pose behind while you're at it.

What's more disorienting is that it took four pages on Google (three too many in my opinion) to actually find any evidence of someone sharing my highly concentrated opinion. Every media outlet from the Washington Post to Huffington Post felt the need to crown Beyonce as the heroine for the evening, until finally commenters on The Cut were in an upheaval about why their NY Mag article was titled How Beyonce Became The Queen of The Met Gala. I'm sorry what? While cringing and regurgitating ever so slightly, I ignored the thought of her PR team paying for the article and did something so unforgivable I sentenced myself to punishment in the corner with LIMITED ice cream privileges (not too much, just enough, I swear). The crime? I typed in GoFugYourself. An online destination I was never really a fan of when it first emerged on the scene, though acknowledged their witty brash humor nonetheless. It is a place I have not returned to since 2008, but on this day, the day no one wanted to speak of the elephant in the room (Beyonce's poor sense of style...keep up guys!) that I knew the only place I would find agreement was the Fug Girls. Surprisingly they are allot more impartial these days, favoring of course Sarah Jessica Parker and turning their nose up at Beyonce while putting little sister Solange on a pedestal. I won't repeat their criticisms, but I do wonder, on a night where the theme was punk and as always the sad ritual is to completely digress from the topic and show up as an irrevocable bore, why is the person on the cover of Vogue AND the honorary co-chair so confident in a dress that you and I would never wear? Ever. Like never ever.

PS- Thanks Emily Blunt for taking part in Livia Firth's Green Carpet Challenge by wearing a sustainably chosen somewhat eco-friendly gown, but even your  sheer facial gorgeousness could not dilute the yawn-factor of that vintage Carolina Herrara. Perfect for an engagement party, not so much for a full on 80's punk revival. Another day then.

"Let me just say that while Beyoncé is busting her ass to convince the world that it’s her oyster, Solange keeps casually popping up as the pearl." -Heather, Go Fug Yourself

Well, what did you think? If, of course, you're even remotely interested in unattainable fashion and celebrity culture or the going ons of Vogue. I'd love to hear your opinion about the state of the union (re: unexplainable personal style conundrums).


  1. beyonce dress in terrible!!! love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM EDT

    The theme of the gala was "Punk: Chaos to Couture" so Beyonce dressed the role which is ultimately what ALL the celebs were supposed to do. Some just felt like this gala was a chance to show off a nice dress but in essence the entire gala is and will always be a costume institute. Anyone who knows anything about fashion would have picked up on that and realized that Beyonce's dress was one of the best for the night. Not knowing these things then ranting about it makes you look incompetent. Just saying.

  3. @Anonymous, as I test I purposely allowed anonymous comments just to see who would disagree with me and not be brave enough to show who they are :)
    Thanks for being first!
    But can I ask what makes Beyonce's outfit punk? I attended fashion school for 8 years, but I never said I knew everything. Maybe my teacher forgot the lesson where punk simply means leather belts and ghastly prints?

  4. Letitia, you are being a lot more diplomatic than I was going to be regarding that Anonymous comment, haha! I'll post what I was going to say anyway.

    Anonymous: if you couched your disagreement in more convincing, less pointlessly aggressive terms and actually wanted to have a discussion about this, maybe you wouldn't need to hide behind anonymity. Just saying! (That phrase wins the award for lamest way of trying to downplay boorish behaviour instead of just owning your words.) An anonymous comment is usually a good indicator that the commenter realises to some extent that they are being a troll/jackass, so maybe you just don't want to engage in conversation - but then maybe you'd just be better off staying off the internet in general if you dislike other people's opinions so much and aren't willing to engage in discussion so all parties involved could maybe learn a bit more. All you have to do is put your opinion a bit more civilly and then you'll be more likely to have interesting, useful exchanges with people. As I understand it, the theme of the gala was supposed to incorporate punk, not to show a continuum with punk at one end and couture at the other, and to demonstrate the social change from a rebellion of society's outsiders to the cultural adoption and embrace of elements of punk iconography (and it's another discussion entirely regarding the fact that the punk movement is in so many ways entirely antithetical to the concept of haute couture clothing). I don't see any punk element to Beyoncé's outfit at all, but then again, that's a recurring thing at the Met gala - many, many attendees completely ignore the theme every year. However, I'm happy to stand corrected if some aspect of Beyoncé's outfit is clearly punk and I'm just not familiar enough with punk imagery to identify it.

    Aaaaand back to Letitia: I wasn't a fan of Beyoncé's outfit but maybe she loved it for some reason that will remain unknown to us. It is kind of mind-boggling to see how Givenchy has changed over the years though - from the iconic Hepburn dress to rottweiler sweatshirts, for example. I mean, maybe if they had kept making understated, elegant garments, they would have gone out of business years ago (or maybe not, who knows). But whatever Tisci and the production team is doing now is selling well, so to some extent the current Givenchy aesthetic is giving people somewhere what they want. Unfortunately what people want is not necessarily refined, elegant, timeless beauty!

  5. Jess, I am way too in awe at how you just power slammed that commenter WWE style to respond fully right now. But I will say that it took every stable neuron I possess to keep as calm as I did. You know, I like a healthy debate I just have no time nor respect for people who still revert to anonymity in this day in age (an age that also includes bullying which is why I hate doing posts like this as the line blurs easily).

    But I'll be back to comment fully because you made points about Givenchy I really want to touch on. Especially since I covet their bags these days the way squirrels covet nuts!

  6. Anonymous3:06 PM EDT

    I agree with you Letitia. Ignore the Anonymous commenter, I can assure you they are a troll (hence the anonymity) and have no idea what they're talking about, and they obviously know they don't otherwise they would have left a name to engage in a friendly debate.
    Everyone can have their opinion, that's fine! I'm sure some people love that dress! But, you can't pretend that it's punk. I'm English, and a history student, and Punk culture is a huge part of our history, it took over country for years and I am fascinated by the 'anti-fashion' it inspired. The only way in which Beyonce's dress is punk fashion is that it is completely anti-fashion - in that it's hideous. There's no attitude, no oomph, no wow, just OMG that print is horrendous.
    I love Beyonce and I love Givenchy so it's such a shame! I think a piece on the evolvement of Givenchy might have just been inspired!
    Even though you're right Letitia their bags are to die for, want one nearly as much as a Chanel boy <3

    Keep writing great stuff!


    The Eleganter

    The Eleganter

  7. Gosh! The first time I saw this dress was on a blog I follow, and it was on the blogger's list of Best Dressed and I thought, o...k.
    I couldn't see what element of it represented 'punk' but I thought it was just me.
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  8. To be far I never expect pop stars (or reality stars for that matter) to be "best-dressed", it just comes with the territory. And Givenchy dressed many people that night, and only Rooney Mara looked good. And not just good, she looked amazing.

    And that I can remember seeing I thought Sienna Miller and Giovanna B. looked great too.


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