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obsessed with vintage again

oh how I miss Miami. as a youngster living right off "The Ave" just a stone's throw away from some of the country's most indulgent shopping, I usually scoffed at high-priced designer labels and went straight into the thrifty vintage shops. if you're ever in MIA, check out Fly Boutique, my alma mater but also just one of the very best vintage boutiques and consignment shops i've ever been inside. that's saying allot coming from a born and bred new yorker! plus, i have som flashback outfits to prove it. that camel-toned gold trim belt and snakeskin chain bag didn't grow on trees!

ps- this is all just to say that i really want a reason to splurge on vintage for no rhyme or reason. where do you shop for vintage these days? i'm out of the loop!


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I was actually considering chopping mine off as well but decided to take it for what it was curly and insane haha. love this look and your belt is super cute. Let me know if you want to follow each other:)

    Charm Kindred Spirit

    Bringing love of vintage fashion, my photography and Diy trinkets to the free spirited at heart.

  2. @Charm, you're welcome doll! And I know what you mean. Clearly it took me 10 years to debate chopping my hair off haha, but I only wish i had curly insane hair, so don't fret. Solange is like my new hair idol!

    @Nesrin, thanks so much!! I think that top is BCBG ;) xx

  3. @Thanks Talisa! I miss my skinny jeans haha


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