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minimalist fashion and craft fabric from linnet in japan

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I am a research/book freak like I mentioned in my first post here on this blog. So while reading along in some of my business literature I was assigned to discover my design aesthetic. I discovered I am for sure a lover of all things romantic yet tailored, so maybe the Victorian era is for me? Or a new term I'm coining called modern vintage French glamour! Anyway, I landed on this wonderful blog called Glass of Fashion where I found hidden gem Linnet- an online specialty fabric store based in Japan that sells the most gorgeous minimalist fashion and craft sewing items. I am just so smitten with Linnet. The website is absolutely delightful, almost similar in essence to that of Wiksten Made's personality. Take a glance at what GoF had to say about her recent purchase from their lovely store (it was so convincing I placed an order for myself, so reviews coming up!):

linnet japan
The latest addition to my fabric stash. Posted on 29th August in Japan, arrived at my door in the UK on 1st September. How is it even possible for it to have arrived that quickly?It’s a lovely 100% cotton doubleknit in a heathered grey marl with tiny little branches (or are they trees? or fern fronds?) woven in all over the fabric in a natural colour. The fabric comes from Linnet, a small Japanese shop based in Kyoto which offers online shopping. They specialise in linens, I’m eyeing up a lot of fabrics for next summer. (Well, you’ve got to think ahead, haven’t you?) Wow, looks like the grey colourway of the doubleknit has sold out in less than a week. But they do still have it in beige.The unwrapping experience was a joy. Look, sample swatches! And a cute postcard! I wish I could read what’s written in the pamphlet:

Sounds wonderful right? Can't wait to get my package in the mail as well. Don't you just love when online shopping deliveries are a little experience, something special just for you? And Linnet is surely going places. On their COMING SOON page, I found we can expect a beautiful selection of books, candles and fragrances, all in the Linnet style. Linnet's fabric selection, their bread and butter, is drop dead gorgeous. Just pure homey, warm and country goodness, perfect for my future home decor goodies like pillows or vintage-inspired aprons. I almost was hesitant posting this little gem, but I've read tons of blogs in my time, and I definitely don't want to be that girl (ya know, the ones who never share any of their beloved vendors). The product photography is pure bliss, and what's even better is that they now offer finished products using their fabric lines from clothing to table linens, and they feature images of what to make next to the fabrics. Head to their online shop after taking a peek at a sampling below, but be careful, because if you like dabbling in sewing or knitting, you might get hooked on their shop for hours.

minimalist fashion dresses from linnetminimalist pattern craft and fashion fabrics

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  1. Oh and if you want maybe when your blog will be most famous, I would love to make the french traduction of your blog, and that will be most easy for the french girl to read and understand the recipes!

  2. Ahh that is so sweet! I would love that! And I would love you to guest post if you like. I know you asked before what it is, it just means you write on my blog (French is fine!!) and share your recipes, etc. Let me know :)

  3. Oh yeah that a really good idea for the moment I'm not really free and it's difficult to me to make some bakery because I'm on a diet but I think I will be able to do that!


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