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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while doing some research on starting to live more minimally, because when I found myself complaining that I had nothing to wear the other morning while staring at my overstuffed closet, I realized how much of a materialistic life I live; it really served as a wake up call. After reading "How to be Parisian Wherever You Are", I fell in love with not only la vie de la Parisienne, but also leading a simpler life filled with quality over quantity, and began looking for inspiration. I honestly am in love with your blog! I've been looking for places to shop that are economically responsible and cruelty-free, so thank you for all of the great suggestions, you are awesome!
    - Becki

    1. Becki,

      Thank you so much. This honestly means so much to me. I never think that my blog will really make a difference or serve as inspiration but I keep trucking away hoping that it will. I know other books and blogs have helped me and in a sea of noise these days, this is my way to pay it forward as sincerely as I can. Kudos to you for being a student and taking it upon yourself to be mindful and live minimally. It gives us all hope for a bright future that more people want to be empowered about this. Hope you stay a reader and see you around the comments!


  2. For some reason, the contact form wasn't working above. Feel free to delete this comment, once you've seen it.

    Hi Letitia!

    I would love to submit my story to be featured on your site. I saw Joanna Wilson Phillip's feature, and feel like my work would be a similarly great fit!

    I'm a self-care mentor, healer, and activist in Oakland, California. I help world-changing people develop self-care so that they can change the world, with more joy. You can find out way more about me, my story and my work over at

    I'm all about busting self-care myths and offering real, actionable self-care practices. I believe that good self-care allows us to live into the world we want to live in: one where we feel nurtured. I also believe that if you want to change the world, you have to look after yourself well.

    If you're interested in following up, zip me an email over at and let me know what the next steps are.

    Thanks for all of the amazing work that you do.

    With care,

  3. Hi there! Please could you contact We'd like to work with you! Thanks

  4. Hi Letitia - I hope this message finds you well! I'm founder of EatThriftLove - a minimalist lifestyle brand centered in passion of food, culture, beauty, style & wellness. I saw your page in the directory of I'd love to see if our visions align, as I'm currently building my brand tribe and seeking other minimalists & light workers for partnerships & collaborations. Are you willing to chat via phone this week?


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