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6 minimalist magazines for an ethical, eco, conscious lifestyle

Let's keep it short and sweet shall we! I don't want you getting bored to tears here on my blog that you lose interest in checking out these pretty awesome rags. As we in the "industry" like to call it. I tease, that's so 90s! But anywho, some of these you definitely might have come across, others not so much. I'm happy to be the middle man. Or your ethical, eco, minimalist magazine dealer. Woo hoo! Get to reading. Listed in no particular order. Okay, besides descending. I did notice that!

ethical and minimalist magazines worth reading 

6. Centre For Sustainable Fashion

Getting the latest news in fashion has given rise to a new set of industry insiders. Sustainable fashion is difficult to manage from the perspective of a fashion designer. News often drives the industry in ways that were heretofore unforeseen.

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion issues polling cards and other materials to keep people entertained for a while. Fashion magazines are issued to keep people in the know. But the organization is equipped to make a political statement and encourage people to build on their resources.

5. Conscious

This magazine, one of my absolute favorite for years, is a bold entry that has captured the imagination of everyone who tries to work within the confines of sustainability. Conscious is a magazine about culture, people, and community that make a difference. Through narratives, interviews, and collaborations, Conscious features topics about social entrepreneurship, community development, innovation, local to global issues and initiatives, and conscious culture. Conscious collaborates with leaders to deliver stories that matter.

4. Knit Wit

The new kid on the block, Knit Wit is a new voice for and home to the modern craft movement. Through captivating photography and thoughtfully-arranged storytelling, we aim to celebrate the dynamic world of contemporary fiber arts and craft; to create a publication that is as richly beautiful and exciting as the work and community it reflects.

With an internal motto of “interest over instruction,” Knit Wit seeks to engage and inspire; to clear an inclusive space that is inviting and comfortable for masters, hobbyists and newcomers alike. It’s a publication for anyone with a curious mind, a love of design and an interest in people.

3. Darling

They have a .org for their website. Enough said!

2. Anthology

This cult beauty is timelessly packed with thoughtful columns and features, stunning photography, and compelling graphics—totaling more than 120 pages. Since we are a reader-supported publication with a limited number of ads, there’s plenty of content to enjoy. The magazine is printed on matte finish stock that is eco-friendly. Great touch!

1. Vogue

Despite its high status in the world of magazine entries, Vogue has a sustainable bent to it. Writers aligned with the magazine have given rise to a new voice throughout the world over that focus on sustainability beyond just the "Green Issue". I've taken note and have appreciated how luxury is deepening in substance and cause.

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  1. we aim to celebrate the dynamic world of contemporary fiber arts and craft; to create a publication that is as richly beautiful and exciting as the work and community it reflects. brooklyn luxury magazine


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