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my collection launched! minimalist boho-luxe throw pillows and ethical textile homewares

So, I did say I would have quite the announcement for you about starting my fashion line at the turn of the new year, six months later and here I am popping up like Kanye West trying to take over an acceptance speech. Like what am I doing here! It is so late! Oh but darling, on New York time, we just call it fashionably late. Do you forgive me? I come bearing goodies! My eponymous Letitia Elizabeth Home collection. Plus, besides the media, you're the absolute first ones to know! Besides Instagram and Facebook and a few close friends. But I promise promise promise you're the first public ones to know. Wink wink. Know what exactly? Well, I took a mighty plunge and birthed my first ever ethical textiles and home furnishings collection for 2015!

This is just a tiny sneak peek of the existing collection that I soft launched to the press and my favorite design blogs. As to make up for being so late in sharing, I will preview exclusively to you the upcoming summer collection in the next blog post.

a look at starting a fashion or home decor business

It took over two years, two breakups, all the money I had and could scavenge from family, banks, and old raggedy leather couch cushions, as well as pretty much every drop of free time you could fathom to bring you this meticulously handcrafted collection of locally produced throw pillows, organic and all natural bedding, and the most snuggly cuddliest throw blankets on the planet. And maybe even Mars.

To be honest I'm really quite proud of how it turned out minus all the hiccups and forks in the road (like forks that rocket launched...into my road). The upcoming collection has 10 signature prints designed by yours truly, and my Art Director gal pal, Alice. I have the pleasure of now collaborating with my favorite artists, brands, and loom weavers for a very special limited edition capsule collection for a few surprises to keep everything fresh without abandoning my mission of quality over quantity.

For those of you who are jaded by every Tom, Dick and Jane launching a business here, and wannabe fashion collections there, not to mention the girls behind fashion blogs becoming reincarnated versions of Jenna Lyons in their own right, I kid you not, even with two design degrees this has been a Herculean task of epic proportions.

I would say I did this on my own, but I wouldn't even be close to where I am right at this moment if it wasn't for my superhuman creatively endowed grandmother. The first couple years I toiled away freelancing and working full-time, taking care of the home and the boyfriend who felt more like my child, only to say sayonara to the job and spend months in my grandma's basement like a mad woman on HGTV steroids, cranking out business plans and marketing plans and sketches and samples. By day my grandma, way past retirement age and living unjustly as an immigrant in this country for over 30 years, broke her back doing double shifts as a hospice nurse, and by night fueled the engine of our industrial sewing machines to help me hand stitch every pillow of the launch editions you see here. When it comes to the bedding...well they say God laughs at those who make plans right. Well, after a sample maker who turned out to be the worse hire ever, let's just say the duvet covers and sheets have my own touch of love. I was up in the sewing studio from night until sunrise cranking it out. In hindsight, I loved every last moment!

So for the rest of the month I'll be sharing my story in the Fashion CEO column series here on the blog (covering tips on how to start a fashion business or even how to start a home decor business), as I gear up to share my brand a more publicly; trying my hand at national press coverage and trades shows etc., so that hopefully it will inspire you to take that little nagging dream that never seems to go away and run with it. The only thing that ever gets in the way of our stardom is ourselves. Don't be like me and wait 12 years before starting a fashion line, well unless you have to do, but the perfect time is never "now" so don't wait for it. I would LOVE to know if you're dreaming of something or working on something, or if you have any questions at all of course you know I'll be waiting for you in the comments. A HUGE thank you to everyone who showed me love and support. Where would I be without you! Until next time!


  1. Wow, the pictures look amazing.
    I love the bold patterns you've got going on there.

    Good luck with your business!

    1. Thank you so much! Great to get some feedback. Was nervous about pattern work but so far the reception is great :)

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM EDT

    So pretty! I like the colours and patterns.

  3. Wow, the pictures look amazing.
    I love the bold patterns you've got going on there.

    Good luck with your business!


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