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Jun 18, 2015

6 minimalist magazines for an ethical, eco, conscious lifestyle

Let's keep it short and sweet shall we! I don't want you getting bored to tears here on my blog that you lose interest in checking out these pretty awesome rags. As we in the "industry" like to call it. I tease, that's so 90s! But anywho, some of these you definitely might have come across, others not so much. I'm happy to be the middle man. Or your ethical, eco, minimalist magazine dealer. Woo hoo! Get to reading. Listed in no particular order. Okay, besides descending. I did notice that!
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Jun 16, 2015

is fast fashion the new terrorism?

And if that title made you spit up your coffee like a newborn spits up, well, pretty much everything, then consider how I almost wanted to question whether fashion in general is the terrorist culprit period. Fast or not. In honor of my very contemplative photo above, I'll think before writing in stone.

Don't wince or leave me yet. I know you rather refresh your Facebook feed twenty times consecutively than hear anything about anti-shopping, but give me a chance. A little food for thought if you will. Because, dear readers, I have grown quite close to you and your intelligence levels. So if I can't brain dump with you, I've got no one!

The oh so bittersweet relationship between our purchase decisions that we make and the loss of life after the Rana Plaza tragedy, is becoming abundantly clear. If you've have yet to hear about this now record-breaking ordeal, the collapse of the Rana Plaza building is the deadliest industrial disaster to hit the beleaguered South Asia region, and has resulted in three times the number of deaths that devastatingly took place during the Tazreen Fashions fire just five months ago. Despite all of the chest thumping when this disaster occurred, nothing has really changed in the race for trendy, yet cheap, clothes. History is repeating itself; all for a $10 dress that makes us feel pretty and cute and somewhat prepared for speed dating night.

What's that I hear? You can't afford to shop anywhere else but Forever 21, H&M, the Gap, and other similar store? Let's get serious for a moment, we can live without the latest fashions. We don't need all those new things, at least not at the rate that we are consuming them. Most of the stuff that buy, we wear once, if at all. Don't try to deny it, we did the polls and we got the numbers. Ok no one did any polls or did any number crunching on this here blog, but I swear, I have heard statistics buzzing. And let me tell you a little story.

Having gone through a fresh breakup, weight changes, job changes, new city, THE WORKS, I was really ready for a new wardrobe. Just because. I thought I was entitled and deserved one. Life kicked my butt and retail therapy, so I hear, is the answer. Along with a mani pedi and some serious flirting. So what did I do? I hit up TJ Maxx and my favorite thrift shops, blew through money I barely had, and guess how many pieces still have tags on them? Can we say more than half. 

Sound familiar? Between work and a social life that is currently RIP status, I much prefer the uniform of P. Diddy circa 1997, just me in some Jersey sweatpants and a I'm-too-cool-to-care graphic tee. All the other fuss is just a facade and tv commercial marketing that won. Damn, my silly silly gullible brain.
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