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wearing backpacks is whack

Unless, of course, you look like this. We know Ivania is gorgeous. I have gray hair and don't wake up looking that stunning. I definitely stun people, but not in a come hither way. Speaking of, is the backpack a source of man repelling? I didn't even wear one in college. A sort of rebellion showcase to assert my new found adulthood, and freedom of choice beyond parental guidelines as well as their almighty dollar. Instead, I opted for what must have been knockoff designer purses that were large enough to carry a house cat. That was the cool way to go to school. Or so I thought.

I've been eyeing minimalist sacks for most of the year, and with a fledgling startup under my nose, my vegan leather hobo carryall is getting too cliche for my taste. How is it, that when I decide to leave New York, that is when I become a goddamn hipster? First everlane, now this. But I assure you, investing in a flawlessly designed purse for your derrier's northern cousin is a sound judgement call. Kind of like Kanye West uniformly clothing himself in leather jogging pants. It will eventually be good for you...and the world. Plus, imagine the hands free delight! Here are the exact favorites I have so carefully curated for my own window shop file since January. Now that winter is here, the timing seems fitting.

Now let's just take a second and chat about Mum & Co. The fact that anyone has a mum making backpacks as chic as these is unquestionably unfair. The fact that every stitch is sewn by one person with hand selected leathers and Italian-like finishing for less than the cost my grandma's cable bill is unfathomable. The fact that the only colorways available can be counted on one hand but amount to the purist and most absolute that any one woman would need is genius. But the fact that the brand is charmingly named Mum, after someone's real mum, all the way across the pond where undoubtedly the design world is always two steps ahead, well, that's not surprising at all. Now is it.

What do you think...backpacks for adults worthy of capsule wardrobe space?

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