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how to do a 30 day becoming minimalist detox

Have you ever met a disorganized Amish family? 

There are no disorganized Amish. It's like finding chaos at The Container Store or a hair out of place on a bald man. It just doesn't happen.

Amish live very simply; they are not bombarded with other worldly distractions and their routine daily habits are instilled in their heritage. I wish my heritage had a what to expect when expecting a life full of materialistic unruly bullshit woven right into the fiber of my DNA too. But let's not indulge in envy. What isn't innate can be acquired. Freedom is a birthright, and what we do with it can perpetually set us free or figuratively box us into a life where over-consumption is praised more than altruism.

I'm going through a cynical rut, what can I say. It happens every time the leaves shed their green and the Canadian geese fllee the scene and the air's so dense with goosebump breeze. Pharmacies want to tell me it's seasonal depression so I buy what they're dealing. I'm good. I know it's just reflection. A little introspection never hurt anybody. I sometimes can't move forward unless I peek back, and walking with rose colored glasses is the same as walking blind. If you feel blind sometimes and want to see there's nothing better than a little detoxing and decluttering for our life and minds. The more we have, the more we want. We need to ask ourselves how clutter affects our home, workplace, health and money. Having clutter can make you tired and lethargic, keep you in the past, affect your body weight and can confuse you among other things. Clutter lives in all matter, tangible or not. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's just a messy desk or filthy vanity. I would know, becoming a minimalist has shown me this little demon in all it's forms.

Putting the clutter in its place takes one day at a time. Let’s begin with 30 ideas, one for each day of the month. See, I'm a good AWA (Amish wannabes anonymous) coach. I keep it easy. A month is nothing compared to a lifetime of mystifying unfulfillmemt. Start now. Even if you don't need it. No one neeeeeds ice cream, but you know how that story ends.

30 Day Becoming Minimalist Detox

1) Detox your mind: Begin a yoga and/or meditation practice to stretch and invigorate your body and mind. Set aside 15 minutes (to start with) to relax and clear your mind of useless information and clutter. One way that I can clear my mind is to write down things that I need to remember. I usually keep a notebook beside me as I work or study, so if something pops up into my mind, I can write it down. Doesn't it keep you up at night just dreaming of all the crap you have to do? Girl it's bed time! Dream of Ryan Gosling instead and get that mind clutter on lock. Becoming a minimalist doesn't mean I feel guilt over my notebook addiction. I love to collect them in all shapes and colors, and I find I never run out of thoughts to fill them all up.

2) Start Small: Set your timer for 1 hour. Take one room at a time, even a small corner of one room and organize, discard and clean that area before moving on to the next. Do this for only 1 hour at first, so you feel like you have accomplished something. Whether it's every week or every month, slowly increase until you're satisfied with what you see. We don't really wake up in a flawless space like Beyoncé but you'll feel like you've hit the target when you feel at peace, not at war with your home.

3) Clean out the cupboards under your sink in the bathroom and kitchen. Throw out any cleaner that has not been used for 6 months. Organize the shampoos, bath soaps and shaving items so they are all in the same area. 

4) Keep newspapers for only 1 week. Reducing the pile of papers that come into our house on a daily basis, means we have less to shuffle through.

5) Recycle empty glass jars that have no lids and all plastic containers, plastic cooking implements and aluminum pots and pans. 

6) Clean trash, empty food containers and plastic water bottles from your car. Wash the outside, vacuum the inside and wash the windows. This is great for a weekend project. 

7) Look through all the mail, bills, catalogs, newspaper inserts for the last week. File what must be kept and trash the rest. 

8) Wash the windows in high traffic areas or areas you look out the windows on a daily basis. Having clean windows to view the beautiful outdoors, will refresh and cleanse your mind, body and soul. 

9) Wash the windows in all other areas of the home. Keep them sparkly and fresh. Don’t hide them behind shades and curtains because they are dirty. Dingy windows can lead to a depressed outlook. 

10) Turn the mattress on your bed. Matter fact, treat yourself to new sheets or a luxe duvet with a high cost to wear ratio. Having a comfortable sleep every night will refresh your body. When you wake up well rested, the outlook for the day is lovely. 

11) Clean the light fixtures, lamps, shades throughout the whole house or office. Here again, when your light source is dingy, so will your outlook be. 

12) Go out for the night with your best friend. Maybe some will need to talk to declutter or go some place fun, but however you choose, do it at least once a month. 

13) Organize the papers on your desk, place pens and pencils in holders, clear a space to write or place your computer. Hang a new calendar with pictures that are pleasing to your eye. 

14) Place books on the bookshelf, files in the file cabinet and organize bills were you can find them easily. Create space around you, let in natural light and fresh air if possible. 

15) Take one kitchen drawer at a time. Dispose of anything you have not used in the past 6 months. Make sure to have a piggy bank near you to put in all the loose change found while cleaning. 

16) After a good party, get rid of the remaining foods that tempt you to keep eating. 

17) Clean the stove, including the fan, filter, and hood. Clean out the refrigerator of all unusable foods. Wipe down shelves and outside. 

18) Spend at least an hour (preferably once a week) on personal growth. Study, take a class, read, practice something, such as singing, playing guitar, tennis, or learning another language. Detoxing is all about shedding the old to make room for the new.

19) Clean out your closets. This will take more than one day. Have several boxes handy marked -- keep, give away, sell or store. In your clothes closet, if you have not worn it in over a year, get rid of it. Put like items together in see through storage containers. 

20) Knickknacks are time consuming and really clutter up the home. Consider keeping only 3 items instead of 10. Wash all the remaining ones and ask yourself, what meaning does that particular item have. This can help you narrow down to the ones that have extra special meaning. 

21) Clean cobwebs. Put furniture polish on the end of a broom that has a rag wrapped around it. As you are physically doing this, mentally clean out your head cobwebs. 

22) Clean mirrors. Let it reflect back the person that is clutter free.

23) Balance your checkbook. Keep your finances and money in order. This does wonders for the mind the way sex oils your joints and keeps you running smooth. Ha!

24) Plan out your menu for the month, keeping things healthy. Make your grocery list if you don’t already have a running list. 

25) Finish one of the “hobby” projects you have sitting around. If you have had it for over a year, give it away or pitch it. 

26) Today is the day to mend or repair your clothes. Keeping ourselves looking fresh and neat helps our mind to be free of added stress and clutter. 

27) Walk around the outside of your home. Remove any excess items or lawn ornaments that give a cluttered look to the outside of your home. 

28) Attack your bedroom. Sweep under the bed; go through your dresser drawers, and your nightstand. If its not an item that is needed there, put it in its proper place. 

29) List and prioritize your tasks. What is urgent and needs to be tackled immediately? Learning to say no to unnecessary commitments will uncomplicated our lives. 

30) Re-evaluate any relationships you may have questions about. Do the people in your life give you energy and encourage your personal growth? If they don’t support you in your life and cause more strife than happiness, it is probably time to say goodbye. 

Some of the suggestions above can be done weekly or even daily. The choice is up to you. What do you think, will you give detoxing a try?

PS- Need some mojo? I'm currently reading Slow Your Home and it has done some MAJOR stimulating of my mind, awakening me to my fear, and pushing me over the hurdle so I can travel the world fearlessly like so many other bloggers, as well as the saved-my-life 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp from Minimalist Packrat


  1. This is a really great checklist... I wonder if minimalists usually love lists as much as I do?

    1. I'm addicted to lists! So this little miss minimalist would say yes. Could be the writer in me too.


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