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for the metro minimalist Y chromosome in your life

Men are notoriously hard to buy holiday gifts for, and the season is almost upon us. Sigh.

Socks, underwear, ties, and wallets can only be given for so many years even to ordinary guys. But, what if you have a perfect metrosexual guy in your life? It's gift giving hell x 10.

These guys are the epitome of perfection. They have perfect hair, manicured nails, and skin softer than yours. Their bathroom has more skin care products than any cosmetic counter. No ordinary gifts are going to be right for this guy. Feel free to call me a genius, because I found the perfect gift. I searched the web far and wide (well at least past the first few of the 618,000 results Google returned) until I found what I think is the ideal gift for the man of quintessence. It was right there all along (slaps head with palm of hand)!

The "messenger bag" is the perfect gift for that man in your life that has too much to carry, and doesn't want unsightly bulges from phones and wallets in his pockets. Everything can go into the bag...wallet, iPad, documents, business cards, and even grooming products. Since I'm one heck of a lazy bastard and half a million google results does not an easy coop make, thank goodness I found About A Bag to relieve me of scientific-like research. My personal favorite is the 18" handmade leather messenger bag. Crafted in a rich, passion leather, the stylish guy on your list will look completely put together with everything stored in its place. Think a "50 Shades of Grey" look of perfection, minus the uncomfortable sexual undertones. Is it getting warm in here, or is it just my imagination?

Even if your guy is more of the rugged type than the boardroom type, the site has suggestions for messenger bags in canvas, nylon, or a combination of several materials.  All the information you need for price, style, materials, and recommended use are all available at one site so you don't have to go web-surfing with 20 tabs open. If you want to cheat a little and get ahead of the shopping for next year, go ahead now and buy him some of the leather conditioning products to give him next year. Smart, right?


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