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Oct 12, 2014

how to do a 30 day becoming minimalist detox

Have you ever met a disorganized Amish family? 

There are no disorganized Amish. It's like finding chaos at The Container Store or a hair out of place on a bald man. It just doesn't happen.

Amish live very simply; they are not bombarded with other worldly distractions and their routine daily habits are instilled in their heritage. I wish my heritage had a what to expect when expecting a life full of materialistic unruly bullshit woven right into the fiber of my DNA too. But let's not indulge in envy. What isn't innate can be acquired. Freedom is a birthright, and what we do with it can perpetually set us free or figuratively box us into a life where over-consumption is praised more than altruism.

Oct 8, 2014

somber muted interiors for fall

Just some minimalist looks that are inspiring me today. Will you be changing your decor for the season?

Oct 6, 2014

preserving what money can't buy with ViaCord

myself and a fellow Blogher blogger at the ViaCord event

What the heck does a minimalist fashion and lifestyle blog have to do with science? That's what you'll be wondering quite soon, which is completely understandable as it was the question that was repeatedly popping up over and over again while posing for the picture above in the lobby of one of the world's largest PR firms for a supremely over-my-level-of-comprehension conference event for ViaCord. But as with most things judged based on ignorance with just a smidgin of self-absorption, my mind was blown that there was a whole industry I knew nothing about that was saving as many lives as stilettos were tripping up not so effortless fashionistas strolling on cobblestone streets. Is it that we all have our heads to far up our you know whats, or is it more than that? When I mused about my minimalist number (a number that's so much less embarrassing for people to proclaim than the other number, cough cough) I posed a question to you all: what would life loom like if we weren't spending 70% of our time buying crap we don't need? Becoming minimalist or living more consciously is not just about saving face, saving debt, or saving the environment, we can actually be in tune with opportunities that can save lives. I should know seeing as how my lifelong dream is to have even just a fraction of Oprah or Bill Gates' fortune so I can spend my latter life as a philanthropist. Well low and behold, not going into debt for the sake of collecting Givenchy bags because some superficial fashion blogger said so means I can also benefit my family because yes, being a mother one day is a dream that will forever trump having the biggest wardrobe among my circle of friends.
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for the metro minimalist Y chromosome in your life

Men are notoriously hard to buy holiday gifts for, and the season is almost upon us. Sigh.

Socks, underwear, ties, and wallets can only be given for so many years even to ordinary guys. But, what if you have a perfect metrosexual guy in your life? It's gift giving hell x 10.

These guys are the epitome of perfection. They have perfect hair, manicured nails, and skin softer than yours. Their bathroom has more skin care products than any cosmetic counter. No ordinary gifts are going to be right for this guy. Feel free to call me a genius, because I found the perfect gift. I searched the web far and wide (well at least past the first few of the 618,000 results Google returned) until I found what I think is the ideal gift for the man of quintessence. It was right there all along (slaps head with palm of hand)!
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