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travel around the world like a minimalist for free

Robert Louis Stevenson stated that, "I travel for travel's sake." The great affair is to move. He's right, but what if you don't have all the necessary funds in which to get started; barely enough for Phuket taxi rides. And what if you have an adorable puppy you're using as an excuse! It would be great if we could travel for free or on the cheap. Guess what, there are several ways you can travel around the world and live a minimalist life, especially with the help of today's tech obsession. Here are 25 digital nomad travel options to help you get started on the road to the test of your life.

1. Cheap Hotels/Hostels: No, cheap does not mean bedbugs or peep holes in the walls (I saw this on late night TV). Check location independent sites like Bing, Kayak, TravelZoo, or HostelBookers and sign up for their alerts, newsletters, and monitor their social media pages. You can get amazing room prices (yeah I mean cheap), plus they throw in discount attractions, walking tours, etc.

2. Work For Travel: If you are willing to put in a little work in exchange for food and living quarters, then sign up at sites like Help Exchange to work on farms and ranches, and more. You will only work half a day or less.

3. Sleep in Airports: Choose world airports that are open 24/7 for your travel plans and sleep there while you are waiting for your next flight destination.

4. House Sit:There are many websites that offer opportunities for people who will stay in other people's home while they are away on vacation. Did I mention, that watching their home is done for free, plus people throw in little amenities, just for you!

5. Crash On My Couch: Participants contact each other through web sites to make arrangements for travelers to sleep on their couch.

6. Teach: Foreign countries are always looking people to teach English and other languages. The entities within these countries will pay you, plus provide a place to stay.

7. Camp in a Backyard: Believe it or not '96 while traveling around the world, people will allow you to pitch a tent in their backyard for free or for a fee equivalent to $5 or $10. If you agree to cut the grass, you might camp for free!

8. Barter: Barter your time and hard work for a place to stay, remember your travel fun depends on it.

9. Countryside Accommodations: Cities by nature are more expensive than the quiet countryside. In the country yo can easily use a sleeping bag to sleep under the stars, plus country folks will probably let you sleep in their homes for nothing, plus they will want to feed you.

10. Use Local Transportation: Take advantage of many foreign countries Visa free transportation tickets to move to and from neighboring countries and tourist passes, via train/bus/plane.

11. Career Travel: There are IT Programs and Art Programs that are looking individuals with these skills and other trades, to use as teaching tools in their country. They pay a small stipend and minimalist accommodations. However, many people have been invited to stay with the staff of educational organizations.

12. Hacking: Travel hacking is about using the travel industry to rack up free rewards points to earn free transportation and accommodations.

13. Travel Light: Checking your luggage is like paying for another person. Wear double clothing or pack just enough to fit into a backpack '96 you'll save from $25 to $75, plus it will allow you travel lighter, moving around each country.

14. Banking: Use a bank that will allow you to withdraw money on any ATM in the world, without a fee. Yes, they do exist, one such bank is Charles Schwab.

15. Blog: While traveling, blog your journey and let people who have been there and done that, give you excellent on the cheap travel tips.

16. Do Your Homework: Before you start your world trek, gather some international guidebooks that contain coupons, discounts, etc. for lodges, meals, and entertainment.

17. Save On Airline Fares: Travel in countries in their off seasons and travel on budget airline carriers to save hundreds of dollars.

18. Eat Local: The street vendors around the world, can put Top Chef to shame with their delicious fares. You can always find inexpensive meals in small shops and outlet grocery stores.

19. Cruise: There are many different types of jobs that you can perform on a cruise ship, under short-term contracts.

20. Drive a Car: People don't want to relocate their car via expensive means and they are looking for people who will drive their car to its new home. Work out specific details and this is a travel cheap tip.

21. Cheapest Countries: Do your research and look for countries that are less expensive to travel in.

22. Auction Sites: Many web sites have popped up where people can buy auctioned off travel tickets, accommodations, etc.

23. Freighter Ships: Yes, you can fly cheaply with a little work, but if you book yourself on a freighter, you have cheap room and board, not that comfortable, but what an experience.

24. Be Flexible: Travel slowly and take things as it happens. Life happens throughout the world and wherever your travel, something is bound to happen. If one destination doesn't work out, go the next closest one, in the cheap.

25. Ask For Help: Everyone needs help at one time or another. If you need directions or something else in a foreign land, ask for help and you will probably find someone who will go that extra mile for you, for free.

You too can become a travel minimalist, just remember, travel is all about fun and great experiences. Stay healthy, trust your gut, and have a fun free and cheap trip!

Do you have any tips of your own to add to the list? Leave some in the comments! Don't be stingy now.


  1. Great tips! Sleeping in the airport is a great idea!

    Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health

  2. I love the idea of sleeping in airport. When I travel in night and reach that place at last part of night, I always spend the night on this stoppage.

  3. Haha... What a creative and interesting idea!


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