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wardrobe planner moodboard: dark and broody

planning a minimalist wardrobe

I used to be a big believer in frivolous beautiful things. No materialism here, simply visual stimulation shared to the masses, which to me was a gift. Hence my series gift of pretty, may it rest in peace. But don't fret, my half a decade blog followers shall see it resurrected here today in new form:

the wardrobe planner moodboard

Let's rejoice in a new gift where I do all the down and dirty hard work of sourcing, and you recline into your loved seat with a glass or Pinot and enjoy. No drooling aloud. Inspiration only. Until next time.

PS- The photo above is styled and shot by yours truly. I wasn't too shabby as a fashion stylist eh?

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  1. Not shabby at all! I never thought of doing a mood board for a wardrobe, good idea! I noticed a lot more people are getting into the minimalist or least minimal style. Either that or it's always been big and I've only started realizing it.


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