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minimalist living guide: fitness during slow travel

Alright, I suck at multi-tasking. It's time to come to grips with it. I can run a business, freelance, create a fashion empire...but somehow I cannot get myself to maintain the most minimalist fitness regime while slow traveling around the world. As in no 9-5 grind, no bustling NYC city streets, no suffocating political turmoil, just me and the bounty of the world. So seriously, what's the deal? I've been in Mexico for a month now and have price compared half a dozen yoga studios without ever showing up. I've downloaded and stalked the Tracy Anderson Method for weeks, only to quit after five days, well, and then again after five days more. I know I am a group class person, but whilst traveling you can't really rely on that. So what's my simple solution? Find a gosh darn online trainer with the presence of a group class, charisma of Tracy, dietary recommendations of a doctor, and the price of ramen noodles. Okay, maybe like ramen noodles with truffle oil. And dolls, I think I might have lucked out. I was contacted by the handsome better half of the husband and wife duo that is I'm Fit and Happy, and thank goodness because I was all about to give up on fitness during travel. I immediately signed up for their free two week trial, because um, when things are free, why the heck not! So as part of my minimalist living guide while traveling around the world (which I know I owe you tons of updates) I will blog my journey and see what results I muster up. I'd ideally like a flat tummy sometime again this century, a few inches lost in other shady areas in time for a bikini marathon through the oceans of Oaxaca, Mexico, and maybe 15 pounds melted away. A girl can dream. What I love about this particular online training hub versus the MANY many I unfortunately wasted time researching, is that you get a mix of barre, pilates, resistance training and cardio. Like holy smokes, these are my absolute favorite workouts. Talk about a healthy cocktail.

Benefits of Fitness During Travel:

  • You no longer have to feel guilty when passing by the never-ending racks of fitness apparel in the department stores because you actually have a reason to wear them know, as opposed to that whole "I'm just in an 80s spandex trend" thing you were doing before. Poser.
  • You get to meet and connect with other women who also live mindfully and holistically and give you a derriere to aspire to.
  • You get exclusive access to a full length mirror! Not the phony backpacker hostel bathroom kind where you only see your face, or the dressing room kind where you are suffocating inside four walls. But that good floor to ceiling kind like at ballet studios where everything doesn't look as bad as you thought.

And you know, that's a big deal for women. We want to do good and be fit, but it always seems so out of reach. Today I just decided to look at the somewhat short (not supermodel tall like I imagined) and curvy (in a real way, not curvy like victoria's secret commercial way) reflection staring back at me and I was grateful for where I was. A few pounds heavier than last year, but in all the right places. So if I can use an amazing online personal trainer, from Los Angeles no less, to help me tone up Kim Kardashian style, then I am all in. Motivation is neutral, but the lust for a Hollywood body is extremely high. I am a girl after all. Speaking of motivation, the I'm Fit and Happy google+ page is insanely addictive. #justsayin

What about you? Do ever you squeeze in fitness while you travel?

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  1. I think finding the right plan is half the battle. I know I gave up on half a dozen programs before finding one that works...for a month. I'm still on the lookout but I'm glad that you discovered something that might be The One for you.

    When I travel, my travel buddy insists we walk everywhere. It saves money and all that walking is probably more workout that I do when I'm at home. No lifting, no aero, no pilates. Just plain walking for fitness. And food is almost never a problem. We try to eat like locals and it's rare that the local diet consists of fast food and donuts.

    Refined Lately

    1. Alex, couldn't agree more. That's what I use to not be so hard on myself - the simple fact that finding the perfectly matched routine in these times is a difficult one. Especially since we are all pretty much ADD as it is. Busy is just a BS excuse though. I'm not really THAT busy, and neither is a mother of four kids who looks incredibly fit.

      The walking thing it definitely where its at for travel. Completely nod in agreement on that one, and lucky enough certain destinations like mexico and portugal for me have been great because its a built-in step master! Food here right now is meat and dairy heavy, but in general there is no fast food either, so thank goodness for that ;)

  2. If you don't have time for workouts and still want to lose weight, you can try Toshiba PVT-375BT!! I lose weight and so happy about it!


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