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Jun 29, 2014

wardrobe planning with brooke of the style planner

wardrobe planning business interview
In this post you might remember I wanted to start an interview series here on the blog that showcases girls kicking ass (re: quitting their stale jobs to follow their dreams like becoming a wardrobe planning stylist). 

As with all things during my world travel jaunts, I am way behind in schedule, but there is never a bad time to launch inspiration. 

So let's kick things off with a dear online friend of mine. Brooke is among the very few fashion bloggers with a distinct eye for personal style who just so happens to be in business to make the rest of us look better. 

Generic fashion blogs are a commodity these days, and the moment I discovered her buried hidden gem, I knew we'd be fast friends. Hope you find some inspiration in this fashion ceo interview featuring the wardrobe planning stylist herself. Remember to use my contact form on my About page if you'd like to be featured!
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Jun 17, 2014

my collection launched! minimalist boho-luxe throw pillows and ethical textile homewares

So, I did say I would have quite the announcement for you about starting my fashion line at the turn of the new year, six months later and here I am popping up like Kanye West trying to take over an acceptance speech. Like what am I doing here! It is so late! Oh but darling, on New York time, we just call it fashionably late. Do you forgive me? I come bearing goodies! My eponymous Letitia Elizabeth Home collection. Plus, besides the media, you're the absolute first ones to know! Besides Instagram and Facebook and a few close friends. But I promise promise promise you're the first public ones to know. Wink wink. Know what exactly? Well, I took a mighty plunge and birthed my first ever ethical textiles and home furnishings collection for 2015!

This is just a tiny sneak peek of the existing collection that I soft launched to the press and my favorite design blogs. As to make up for being so late in sharing, I will preview exclusively to you the upcoming summer collection in the next blog post.

a look at starting a fashion or home decor business

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