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how to get started with my capsule lean wardrobe method

Woah, was my last post really in March? Can you choose one of those standard blogger excuses from a felt hat for me and we move on? You're the bomb dot com, thanks so much! No but really, I didn't give birth. I'm not juggling my moral integrity. There is no PhD in my future. I am simply trying to figure out why the hell there are no women of color starting technology companies. Where are they? Because I am busy doing it and a role model would be nice. #justsayin

No matter if you took my humble advice month after month to either travel the world while freelancing, launch a biz, or work smarter at your current job, you find yourself staring into the closet-void every morning, asking yourself the same question, “What the heck am I going to wear today?” If your wheels come to a grinding halt and getting dressed becomes a necessary chore rather than an enjoyable way to express yourself, you might be in need of a wardrobe re-haul. Some of you need a shot of tequila, but hey, I'm no therapist mmkay.

But before you spend loads of time and cash buying items that are going to blackout your life with more negativity, it is important to thoughtfully approach your revamping process. Truth be told, there are millions of ways to dress and cruising around the Internet to see what others are wearing might only leave you feeling overwhelmed with envy and copycat syndrome. Yet, if you can identify your lifestyle needs and hone in on the type of style you are aiming for, you can determine what sorts of pieces you should be adopting into your closet. I didn't get an image consultant certificate, so please don't think I'm preaching the be all and end all, but as a veteran fashion stylist who knows how to emerge from my own personal ruts, this is an introduction to your future evolution! Doesn't that sound grand?

Obviously, your wardrobe should be beautiful and functional (or it could be drab and ridiculously unwearable, to each their own). It isn't a good idea to stock up on generalized “staple” items if they don't actually work when it comes to your day-to-day activities. Before you grab your wallet and head out the door ask yourself:
  • What sorts of activities do I engage in everyday? Whether you work from the comfort of home or in a face-paced office cubicle farm, it is important to write down a list of essential wardrobe needs. For example, if you are on your feet all day, comfortable but stylish shoes might be worth your extra green.
  • What do I do on the weekend or for fun? Everybody has special activities that they like to do on a regular basis. Do you go out with your girlfriends for drinks? Do you play a sport? Make sure you tally up items that you need for every type of outing you regularly partake in.
  • What do you like to wear on special occasions? We all have our handful of occasions that we attend on a monthly or yearly basis that require a little bit more formal wear. What do you like to wear when you need to dress up? What sorts of items leave you feeling confident and sexy? Do you use shape ware or special undergarments? There is no reason to fawn over the red carpet each year if you're not willing to treat yourself just as royally. You probably deserve it more than the boob sticks in Hollywood do.

When you start to look at the list you have created, you can probably deduce why “Top Ten” closet-lists are not very helpful- everyone has different lifestyle needs! Defining your lifestyle will help you buy pieces that work with your life.

Now that you have a helpful list of “needed items” in front of you, you should now define your style preferences. Sure you need comfortable shoes, but what comfortable shoes do you like? If you are getting hot under the collar because you think you have no personal style, don't worry! All you need to do is a little bit of research and create a style board. A style board isn't committing you to anything. It is an easy a way to visualize your tastes.

The simplest way to create a style board is by flipping through some fashion magazines with a pair of scissors. Social media also makes this process simple. Log on to Pinterest and start a board right now for each of the lifestyle areas I listed above. Feel free to peek at my boards here. Regardless of how you create your board, make sure you fill it out. Analyze common themes. You will easily be able to pick out items that define your personal style. Are there lots of pastels? Jeans? Patterns?

Now it's your turn: what types of items do you need every day? What sorts of items begin to create form personal style?


  1. I need blazers, button downs, and chunky heels. I also love skirts. I'm trying to move myself over into a minimalist style, but first I need to find my TRUE style lol.

    I love your blog theme and would love to make my design as clean and crisp.

    Loving the blog!!

    1. Ama I totally have the same list! I can't find a stunning blazer for the life of me. Did score some good wedges while thrifting though, so I'm set with chunky heels. Glad you like the blog! Thanks for the kind words.


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