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best memorial weekend sale codes for an affordable wardrobe

I wasn't going to do this - which you can soon decipher as I am about three days late. But like everything I swear off doing, I see others doing it and I want to slap them in the face. However, we made a pact, you and I, after this post, that no violence shall come to anyone in the blogosphere no matter how desperately cliche and transparent they are in their methods to take over the fashion world. How would one do such a thing? By calling themselves a "fashion blogger" in order to solicit free wares and whore out on discount coupon codes every freakin chance they get so advertising dollars pour in from debt-free readers who believe any recommendation from such a prestigious source will do miracles for their status and personal style. Congratulations to them and all the drones that will be shopping from them. Why are those readers drones? Well, if I see one more comment a la, "Oh my gosh love that color on you..thanks for sharing!! xoxo see my new post" I think I might climb a cliff, get my cardio on, then jump off (die fit). I mean do you really want to be told to shop at Claire's this weekend? It's like going into a shop, you know, and being stalked a little too much by sales girls on commission that tell you neon harem pants would look fab on you. I think even when I was young enough to wear Claire's I still broke out in hives every time I passed by it in the mall. #justsayin

Here is what I won't be doing on this little minimalist wardrobe building blog: there will be no links displayed with their pants down if I have not checked each and every url myself, nor shall anything be included that wasn't clearly affordable before the damn consumerist holiday, and needless to say I am not a drone nor a pimp so I do encourage you to take advantage of my hard work, due diligence and conscious curation because these are pretty great deals that I plan on actually using myself (I did the full on 18 browser tabs open shenanigan last night with many abandoned online shopping carts from my indecisiveness). No gun to head syndrome here. Sit back, grab a beer (right!) and stock up on some affordable clothing essentials because a mean, lean wardrobe is nothing without them.

Tell me in the comments if you've been reading the lean wardrobe method and have a few items on your shopping list that needs crossing off!

2020ave - 20% off sitewide SALUTE20
Alice & Olivia – up to 60% off everything
Alternative Apparel – 30% off sale items SHOPIT30
Barney’s Warehouse – up to 40% off BUT please do price filter to see the goodies under $100
Cynthia Vincent – extra 20% off sale items MEMORIAL
Diane Von Furstenberg – 30% off sale items SUMMER30
Genetic Denim - 40% off MEMORIAL
Joe’s Jeans – 30% off everything HONOR
Frieda & Nellie – 20% off entire store COWABUNGASUMMAH
Karen Kane (plus sizes) - extra 25% off MEMORIALDAY
Lancome – 20% off
Les Nouvelles - 20% off
Madewell – 30% off sale OHYES
Need Supply co. – 20% off sale SALE20
Otte – 20% off sale MEMORIAL20
Yoox - extra 10% off

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