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window shop #3: vintage wardrobe for spring 2014

They say that the third time's the charm, and in the case of my “window shop” series, I feel like there's a certain je ne sais quoi in the Spring 2014's runway trends. Now, regular readers may already be shaking in their seat (or winter boots), “Did she say runway fashion?” And before you literally run away to go set trends not follow them, let me remind you, I am a lover of all things local and beautifully handcrafted, of all the hidden little gems and steals that can be incorporated into a minimalistic wardrobe that one is proud to call their own. For the record, I am also not a 6-foot tall runway model or New York elitist trust fund brat sitting on a pile of reserved money that allows me to turn my closet over every season the way pit masters turn over slabs of pork. Plus, I just spent all this time cleaning my closet out before my trip to Europe so there's no way in hell I am going to fill it up with items I will only wear once.


I run through this list every post because I think it's an important personal reminder. I remember what it was like to live within the walls of the toxic, racist, superficial fashion industry and I most certainly remember the cold and sweaty nights that would leave me with the restless question, “Do my coworkers think I am trend ignorant?” Here's your BULLSHIT whistle- having a timeless wardrobe with historical, thrifted pieces will boost your confidence, pad your wallet, and never leave you wanting more. Here are my top three classic reminders for thrifting and vintage hunting within a particular season:

  • Know Who You Are: You like yoga, dark chocolate, and romance novels- great! However, that type of self-knowledge will only get you so far in a consignment shop. Know your proportions, shapes (or what we fancy stylists call 'silhouettes'), styles, and colors that will look sensational on you, not the Lady Gaga or Katy Perry version of you in your head. Unlike conventional and overpriced department stores, you are going to have to do some digging to find your “must have” pieces. Don't waste your time or your money on a piece that makes you look like a hobo. Not everyone can be the Olsen twins. #justsayin
  • No Muffin Top: Shop bigger. Skinny jeans look great on some people, but not on others. (Hello curvy girls!) Just because it is a trend doesn't mean you have to wear it. You aren't going to be happy in a skirt you constantly have to pull down or in a top that exhibits your brassiere in a way that makes you uncomfortable at the water cooler. It might look great on the hanger but it also has to look great on you. Flattery gets you everywhere, just not when its flattering conversations you have with yourself while daydreaming about a coveted body type.
  • Build Your Basics: If you are just starting off, build your closet around basic items that can be mixed and matched with all sorts of “trendy” pieces. You never have to ditch your personal style for a trend. In fact, I beg you not to! There is only one of you and millions of models straight out of the fashion mill wandering the streets like brainless drones. Timeless items that you love will help you dress effortlessly. 
And with that in mind, here are some totally wearable spring trends that I have curated for your lovely viewing. As always, if there is something you like or if you would like me to pull together some items specifically for you, please contact me! I would love to help you out! Gratis of course.

 Pretty Pastels 


  1. I absolutely love finge things. I have a fringe pair of boots and would love a fringed bag! Am so pleased that pastels are going to be big this Spring. Also like the bolder colours, especially the bright blue vintage dress. Gorgeous! Can't wait for Spring!

    1. I'm a huge fringe lover too Lorna! It just takes some refining to make sure I look sleek and not like a Texan cowgirl. And pastels will always be my favorite trend. Femininity is everything :)

  2. LOVE your blog - so happy I stumbled upon it, really appreciate your honestly and sense of humor :)

    I can't wait to break out my florals and pastels, and I do love a good collarless coat! I'm so sick of this weather and very ready for spring!


    1. Thank you so much Natalie! Glad you stumbled upon it AND liked it :)
      I couldn't be more ready for Spring if I tried. Never had a collarless coat, but excited to try one finally. Have my eyes set on ebay!


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