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i miss strolling the cobblestone streets of europe

I miss it already...

The sun rising over a different part of the world, shining so incandescently its as if I flew from New York straight to a turf closer to heaven, and arousing sensuous languages that had the power of a raunchy prowess beckoning you to come hither,, the orgasmic culinary delights pulled from ocean to plate was definitely a rapturous experience, so much so that I would rather spend my last euro on a slither of a spoonful of fresh salmon risotto than anything at Zara. Though admittedly, the chic street walker above is wearing a chocolate faux leather skirt from the Zara in Lisbon, Portugal that I groped on the racks not once, but twice, in shameless weakness. But I digress.

Traveling gave me a sense of wonder and whimsy that is inconceivably unmatched when surrounded by the same four walls day after day, year after year (needless to say being a fashion editor does not grant life-affirming and explorative vacations with benefits as one might think) so, even though I am back for a while, it has definitely prompted me to keep my calendar open should the winds of change blow me into a new direction. If you're still reading, chances are you've entertained the thought of traveling, writing, or blogging about the innumerable experiences that this oyster of a world has to offer. I must ask- what are you waiting for exactly? A free plane ticket? Suck it up darlin, that ain't happenin any time soon, ya hear! But don't sweat, I bought my ticket around the world for a measly 400 bucks due to an inconvenient stop in Chicago. Inconvenient for some, first time for me, and thus expanding my world view by one more city. Oh and yes, Chicago ROCKS. Any chitowners in the house?

Okay, so maybe the world isn't so black and white and I cannot pretend that I am the guru in which you should be asking for all future travel related advice when that is best served up by Lauren and Christine... but if there is anything I am good at it is asking questions and taking chances. Ready to take a chance?

Ask yourself this
Am I tied down to excess? Yes, I am a minimalist at heart. I find it hard to think clearly or embrace the present moment fully when my life is cluttered with papers (or social media accounts! digital detox people), designer clothes, and invisible toxicities. I swing between a love for shopping and general dislike towards all things consumerist. But on a practical level, you just can't fit everything into your suitcase, trust me I've been there. And keeping it in storage? Why? It's just going to collect dust and debt. I know, you finally have your matching furniture pieces and your curtains that you finally found on sale at {insert general superstore name here}. But if curtains and knick knack patty wacks are holding you back from traveling the world or at the very least injecting some cocaine-strength energy into your life, I have to call BS on this one. I guarantee you won't be thinking about matching curtains while sipping an unforgettable cappuccino outside your new favorite cafe in Paris. You know how I know? I called bullshit on myself and landed like a cliche American girl in Paris for the first time (yay virginity! cherry popping!) exactly two months ago. No winning lottery tickets or trust fund savings, no relocation job, no man, no baggage (though I hunted eBay like a hungry squirrel in winter trying to scoop a vintage Louis Vuitton keepall 55, #justsayin). See my proof:

Am I willing to take a chance? 
I apologize in advance if you're not as fly-by-the-seat of your skirt like I am. I can smell your risk-adverse scary cat tendencies from my own screen, but please take it from somebody that knows from first-hand experience that traveling and writing for your bread and butter will come with chance. It will be a hurdle and feel like an ice cube tumbling in a cocktail shaker at times, while sometimes you end up, in let's just say, strange situations (in my case a tad molested, very mugged, and completely stranded in the desert but I would do it again tomorrow, well, minus to creepy man part). Plus, there are always nay sayers who cannot believe you gave up your cushy (re: souless) job for something so “unreliable.” It takes guts to break out and decide to do something less conventional. But in my opinion, you always end up with a great story and at least one life lesson. 

Am I ready to travel deeply? 
Anyone can travel widely, and vastly, and at the speed of a tequila shot (yes you crazy country-hopping-in-one-week hoochies I'm talking to you). It's the ultimate “on the surface” experience that leaves you with enviable Instagram selfies at travel destinations all across the globe. But traveling deeply? That takes a certain kind of gallantry. It means opening up every single receptor in your body to the whole cultural experience that is unwrapping before your very eyes. Traveling deeply encourages your sixth sense to move off the beaten path and into local haunts that breathe in the very life of the place you are exploring. Before looking into the specifics of budget tickets and blog updating apps, I had decided to be committed to an idea. This meant giving up certain ideologies like being a slave to a passionless dead-end job and a mule to the seasonal closet spread. Trust me, the latter part was more freeing than the flight over the Atlantic but more on that later. I also adopted healthy outlooks such as the idea that minimalism and fashion can work together and are travel friendly. More importantly, I finally allowed myself to break out of everyone else's expectations and decided to live my own freaking life. Are you living? If your answer is a weak “no” then it might be time to consider giving up everything to become a travel writer or blogger for the sake of launching You Version 2.0! Then you can figure out the rest when you return.

I know, I know. I serenade you with my motivational cooing and leave out the transparency. What a hoochie I am! Don't get your thongs in a twist. This blog is called Becoming Lola for a reason. You know Sasha Fierce? Well I've got my Lola in me revving to take the stage. I've made a little decision this week and since more emails still poured in after this post on learning how-to freelance online to fund your travels, I am expanding the blog to follow me as I launch my new project that will build a career for myself from scratch, allow me to jetset to the most coveted destinations in the world, and add an enviable wardrobe to my expense account. I've been a fashion entrepreneur since birth I can tell ya, but this time it wouldn't hurt to share how I do it. Okay you nosy sneaky buggers, deets are coming, just hold your horses. If you must know, see the video commercial in my sidebar. Trust me, some good stuff is coming and it might just change your life. What! I can say that too, not just Oprah.

What do you really want to do this year, no questions asked? Tell me in the comments! I'll try to feul them with future posts.


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    1. Ahh don't worry Krystal, I'd only be sad if I knew I could never go back. Like I always say, we stand in our own way :)

  2. You're so lucky to have gone to Paris.

  3. It's funny that I just landed on this post because I have been thinking of going to Italy for my birthday and I don't know what's holding me back!


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