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Feb 26, 2014

window shop #3: vintage wardrobe for spring 2014

They say that the third time's the charm, and in the case of my “window shop” series, I feel like there's a certain je ne sais quoi in the Spring 2014's runway trends. Now, regular readers may already be shaking in their seat (or winter boots), “Did she say runway fashion?” And before you literally run away to go set trends not follow them, let me remind you, I am a lover of all things local and beautifully handcrafted, of all the hidden little gems and steals that can be incorporated into a minimalistic wardrobe that one is proud to call their own. For the record, I am also not a 6-foot tall runway model or New York elitist trust fund brat sitting on a pile of reserved money that allows me to turn my closet over every season the way pit masters turn over slabs of pork. Plus, I just spent all this time cleaning my closet out before my trip to Europe so there's no way in hell I am going to fill it up with items I will only wear once.


I run through this list every post because I think it's an important personal reminder. I remember what it was like to live within the walls of the toxic, racist, superficial fashion industry and I most certainly remember the cold and sweaty nights that would leave me with the restless question, “Do my coworkers think I am trend ignorant?” Here's your BULLSHIT whistle- having a timeless wardrobe with historical, thrifted pieces will boost your confidence, pad your wallet, and never leave you wanting more. Here are my top three classic reminders for thrifting and vintage hunting within a particular season:

Feb 17, 2014

exclusive: fabulous daily life of target market females

The pale moonlight stretches out across the perfectly virginal white , bone-straight bed sheets, as the clock switches silently to 6:30am signaling the start of a brand new day in the fabulous life of the target market female. This is the beginning of an Instagram-worthy 24 hours. Like all the others. No matter what.

Without even slightly messing up the 900-count Persian sheets (Egyptian was so 2004) unless the theme of the day is bed kitten's tousled moments, or without pulling crust out of the corner of her eye, or waking up her perfectly chiseled spouse, the target market female emerges gracefully from sleep into lotus pose welcoming the brand new day with gratitude as recommended by Martha Stewart and FitSugar and Gabrielle Bernstein and Cosmo and Chuck Norris. (Que the daily journal app.) This zen awakening (literally, not figuratively) is followed by a well curated breakfast of fresh juice, pomegranate seeds, and the bottled water Jennifer Aniston loves made lovingly in America, not the one that comes from the French Alps allegedly.

Feb 16, 2014

last time I did this and made $12,000 in one weekend

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be reporting on just how the hell one becomes a FASHION CEO of their own mogul brand. Why? Because the last time I did this I made over twelve grand in one weekend with my friends over at RueLaLa. And it allows me to travel the world while you are still doing coffee runs for Miss Devil Wears Prada. So yeah. Get a notebook. I'll wait.

Honestly, all slapjack jokes aside, I think you all know me well enough by now that those hoochies who claim a clothes hanger as a career and don't ever want to share how they do it really gets my thong in a twist. Instead of going one more week never having time to answer the plethora of emails I get from aspiring fashionistas, let me whip out my transparency cam and show each and every one of you just how simple it is to become a fashion mogul. And when I say simple honeybun, I don't mean like frying an egg. I mean simple as in stop getting in your own way, making excuses, and acting as if when you turn 37 it will be the perfect time to follow your dreams, or at the least follow the wind blowing you towards a sample sale and figure the rest out after. Can I get an amen?
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Feb 3, 2014

reader love #6

I've been busier than a hamster in a plastic ball and let me tell you- it has been exhausting. Worth it? Hell yes! But tiring nonetheless. I am glad when each weekend comes so I finally get to take a break and re-read some of the lovely blog posts written by readers who have left mindful and kind comments here on Becoming Lola. Thank you ladies! Your support means the world to me. If you thought I was one of those fashion editors who doesn't bother with commenters, think again. Once magazines start paying Kim Kardashian-type salaries, you better believe I will be ignoring the existence of 80% of the world, until then, let's keep things humble shall we! (Then again some chicks ignore you even when they're coffee runners at's why I left New York #comedowntoearth) Some of the best conversation happens after the post. So let's see whose been speaking their mind lately on my blog:
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Feb 1, 2014

i miss strolling the cobblestone streets of europe

I miss it already...

The sun rising over a different part of the world, shining so incandescently its as if I flew from New York straight to a turf closer to heaven, and arousing sensuous languages that had the power of a raunchy prowess beckoning you to come hither,, the orgasmic culinary delights pulled from ocean to plate was definitely a rapturous experience, so much so that I would rather spend my last euro on a slither of a spoonful of fresh salmon risotto than anything at Zara. Though admittedly, the chic street walker above is wearing a chocolate faux leather skirt from the Zara in Lisbon, Portugal that I groped on the racks not once, but twice, in shameless weakness. But I digress.

Traveling gave me a sense of wonder and whimsy that is inconceivably unmatched when surrounded by the same four walls day after day, year after year (needless to say being a fashion editor does not grant life-affirming and explorative vacations with benefits as one might think) so, even though I am back for a while, it has definitely prompted me to keep my calendar open should the winds of change blow me into a new direction. If you're still reading, chances are you've entertained the thought of traveling, writing, or blogging about the innumerable experiences that this oyster of a world has to offer. I must ask- what are you waiting for exactly? A free plane ticket? Suck it up darlin, that ain't happenin any time soon, ya hear! But don't sweat, I bought my ticket around the world for a measly 400 bucks due to an inconvenient stop in Chicago. Inconvenient for some, first time for me, and thus expanding my world view by one more city. Oh and yes, Chicago ROCKS. Any chitowners in the house?


coming soon : fashion boutique finder, local shopping and sales app

This is what's been keeping me up at night. Think girls can't code? Well, they can't really! But once you're a freelancer, you know others, and the world is your oyster. Now maybe you might stop mulling around and take this post seriously!
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