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top 10 fashion bloggers who travel round the world

Let me not bore you with a "travel is good for the soul" PSA because clearly if I haven't beat you over the head with my somewhat controversial yet apparently beloved claims here, here, and here, then continue chugging your Vitamin Water (oh yes, it really is healthy they say) and texting your friends who are sitting right across from you while the rest of us explore life on the other side of the ocean. Any ocean. This is the quintessential list of bloggers who travel and look pretty damn good doing it. I promise, this really is the BEST list, not a cliche overhyped one. I was a fashion editor and stylist for as long as you were in school getting two unnecessary Master's degrees, so I know a thing or two. They didn't pay me in coffee and shoes for nothing! In no particular oder, The Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Who Travel Around The World:

Tuula Vintage: Jessica Stein's description really does sum her blog up in one phrase: not all those who wander are lost. Her travels are as inspiring as they are varied (re: not vain, love this difference!) She also has sensational fashion sense and an eye for photography. Her simple site speaks for itself and her spunk is surely appreciated internationally. This blog can be enjoyed for both the outfits and her spirit of adventure.
Hanh Merriman: Hanh is one of my favorites and well deserving of the top ten list because she truly believes in travel as a door to the soul of the world (okay my waxy poetic words, but I promise she agrees) and happens to be one of the most stylish mothers you will EVER come across. Born in Vietnam, Hanh understandably has an innate talent of making colorful eclecticism look polished and classy. Enough to please Mr. Bill Cunningham himself. But forget Bill, her husband is the lucky one. She truly is the style goddess of Dallas. If only all of Texas was like that!

Fashion Toast: Rumi Neely has a gorgeous blog with outfits to match. Her focus is certainly high-end designers in TO DIE FOR locations. I wish I could insert myself into her pictures in Paris. She attends fashion events across Europe and her photographs are an excellent mixture of couture outfits, beautiful cultural photos, and personal tidbits. Definitely worth a look.
Gary Pepper: Nicole Warne, of all the glorious bloggers on this list, clocks in as the one person I would most want to be best friends with, travel with, and borrow the everyday life of. From her humble beginnings selling vintage dresses a la Harajuku style on eBay, to her magically awe-inspiring journeys to and from every point of the Earth, if you don't know this stunning woman yet, please tell me where you've been hiding or what pills you've been downing because I might need some for my next flight! Oh and yes Nicole, when you read this, that was a completely shameless invitation to become my bff. Applications are ongoing. Call my people.

Scent of Obsession: Italian writer, Nicoletta Reggio, knows how to compile her travel documentation with her hobby for all things fashion-related. Her outfits are classic with pops of color and fresh accessories. She also has excellent posts on savvy shopping and tasty food. The most unique aspect of her blog is the “shopping guides” she has put together for the various cities (London, NYC, Paris, etc.) that she has visited.  

Saucy Glossie: This is not an armature blog! Lindsey started her career at Seventeen Magazine and quickly made it into the fashion department at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Eventually, Lindsey left the world of print and started a blog that showcases her outfits, travels, and interviews, pretty much like what I did. Her blog is as polished as her stunning personal style. Somehow she is able to combine classic looks with current trends effortlessly.

Street Etiquette: Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the faces and voices behind Street Etiquette. So why include a pair of dapper dudes on this list? Well just one peek at their captivating online presence and you'll see that menswear crosses all borders when it comes to this duo. Whether you're a Snapchat addicted design student or a midwestern chap off in the suburbs, you'll fawn over their showcase of personal style that blends a cultural, historical and urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching from all parts of the world and eras, Street Etiquette has managed to assemble a truly unique view of fashionable men's style.

The Stylish Wanderer: Minnie is a film school freshman who puts her hard-earned education online for others to enjoy. Oh yeah, and her slick hipster style that has landed her everywhere from Teen Vogue to national TV commercials, and um, she's barely old enough to drink. Don't be jealous...okay go ahead! Unlike other bloggers who had worldwide fan clubs by the age of sixteen that I never quite fell hard for (ahem, Jane) this girl keeps it real and Cali style and I like that. How real? So real that you won't find her name hovering the Internet abyss anywhere because her momma likes it like that. Parenting 101 folks. #justsayin

WishWishWish: Listen, I may be a strong black woman (as continuously described by my lovely Italian-American significant other) but that is not to say I don't enjoy an extreme dose of whimsy in my life every now and again. Carrie Harwood is no stranger to the fashion blog scene or frolicking across Europe. Her blog made it big many moons ago and landed herself a nice little feature in The Times. She has collaborated with many famous fashion brands, but I love that she's still just the young girl next door who makes readers feel comfortable and at home under a big fuzzy blanket knitted by Grandma. Whose grandma? Anyone's! But they must be called Nana.

Glamourai: Kelly and Erin have put together a delightful compilation of fashion and travel in their blog Glamourai. They really have mastered the feel of magazine content synthesized into an online read. Their travels are extensive and their outfits are appealing to women of all ages. I even enjoyed their beauty posts which were informative and littered with beautiful photos. 


  1. wow you ahve such a great selection of bloggers...thanks for the introductions!

    1. Thanks Krystal, glad you enjoyed it! Hope you found someone new to follow and be inspired by!

  2. Hello! I found this page in search of a particular blog and I'm not sure if you can help me. I found a fashion blogger last summer. She traveled the world in search of interesting fashons, and brought back something each time. I cannot remember where in Asia she was from, but she currently resides in New York, I think. She has a bucket list and has done things such as a polar plunge in I think Alaska and has pictures sitting next to and on a tiger. I'm having the most difficult time finding her again. I think her blog name was a very creative one with the world Travel, or a similar word in it.
    Thanks for any help!

  3. Loved this article. Also shows your level of comfort & confidence to be able to showcase other people's work :-)

  4. Girls fashion and their age are always inversely proportional. You have fantastic stuff on this blog that keep the girls young and beautiful with you fashion tips. Being a fashion artist I really appreciate your efforts and work.
    Love from Royal Lady

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