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Dec 23, 2013

fashion is not what you think after leaving home

And because I don't want you thinking that I have returned home without planning a huge amount posts about the fantastically epic, eccentric, chaotic, mind-blowing adventure that was my trip abroad, here is a little tease with some photos. What do you think? Let me just say, style and indulgence take on a whole new meaning the moment you leave home and those four walls called your cubicle...

i'm back!! how to return home from world travel and not get spent

You would think spending my days windowshopping for models, producing indulgent recipes, and chatting away with 'sisters from other mothers' would be an enviable way to live, but the truth is I sometimes want to run away from it all. That might explain why I took off to slow travel around the world in hopes of an undeniable wake up call. As a woman, the surging pressures of exhaustion, stress, and lack of motivation is enough to make us throw in the proverbial towel no matter how glamorous our life may seem to others (can I get an amen from  30 year old interns). But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You know how I know? Well, like an acute idiot, I decided to plan my trip home right before Thanksgiving. Can anyone ask for a more overwhelmingly chaotic time to get off the plane? Lights, sounds, commercially driven conspicuous consumption. My head would literally float off my body this was two years ago. Holidays are definitely a time when keeping up with the Joneses is do or die. But I've never felt more calm and ready to take on [enter challenge here].

I have read each and every one of your lovely comments here on the blog and privately through email, and while I know most to you are completely revved up to one day leave the strappy sandals behind and take a leap of your own to travel to faraway fantastical destinations, it doesn't take travel to have an epiphany that a little self-care and mindfulness can go along way. Do something for yourself that doesn't involve a plane or train ticket. You don't have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to feel a bit whole.
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Dec 15, 2013

sponsored post: fierce simplicity swimwear

Ed Note: Like every other sugardaddy-free woman in this country, I gotta pay bills. And yes its winter, but I'm bringing you a swimwear post anyway. Aspirational luxuries and such. Truth is, I was in Mexico not too long ago and might plan to hop over to California for much needed R&R now that they have water in their oceans again (thanks climate change!) but what I realized in Mexico after growing infuriated by the lack of unique swimsuits there is, shopping off season sometimes saves headaches. Like buying discounted designer boots in Spring. You know how it goes. And I probably do like one sponsored post a year, so it means I like this brand. I'll never be THAT skinny, but their styles make weight loss resolutions look as necessary as Amanda Byne's rehab. Let's call them the Nasty Gal of swim! Ciao.

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