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getting ready to travel forced me to dress in a kim kardashian type fashion

So if you remember, in an effort to cull my wardrobe and become a little bit more of a minimalist while trying to cultivate a sustainable collection of fashion pieces by curbing consumption and only shopping at vintage stores and thrift stores, I reviewed what I've purchased so far this year here in this post. Well if you read it you remember that I was completely dumbfounded to realize I had absolutely no clue what my style is anymore. I was so busy being caught up in the life of a fashion magazine editor and seeing all these trends just passing by, everything from high-fashion to couture fashion then runway fashion and stick thin models wearing absolutely everything (which is never fair right) and all the way down to bloggers trying to be the hanger for designers, that in all of this I just completely lost touch with myself. I forgot to pay attention to what looks good on me, what colors worked for me, and what silhouettes worked for me, which is a foolish thing to forget as I'm dressing myself, not other people. Then today I come across one of my favorite blogs posting about proportions, so it's definitely a sign that it's time to stop and share with you guys my plan to revamp my wardrobe while also keeping it as minimalist as possible, and the only way to create a wardrobe from scratch is to get to know yourself in a genuine way. With that, I've taken a good hard look in the mirror (one of my least favorite activities mind you!) and decided that I am pretty much along the same style lines as Kim Kardashian herself. This was a bit shocking, yet not surprising in the least. 

I came to that realization by seeing the fact that she knows her body so well that even though people may think she's just trying to be a sex kitten or a femme fatale, in truth she's so absolutely and utterly curvy that she has no choice but to dress for her body type, in which case this means anything and everything form-fitting, very feminine, mostly sexy-in-nature pieces. On top of that you'll find her in mostly neutral colors because she has such a beautiful skin tone and her make up and hair are always that of a glamazon, that less is more when it comes to what's going on with her actual outfits. And while I can't say that I'm not proud of myself for using 2013 as the first year to shy away from the New York black-and-white uniform by introducing colors in the form of accessories and shoes and a little bit of jewelry with the neon trendy top here and there, I feel like neutrals is where I should return to just for the sake of this experiment.

When it comes to Kim Kardashian's body type, she truly is naturally well-endowed to the point that her breasts and cleavage area are usually bubbling out over any top she wears, while her waist is tiny sitting above very wide hips and one of the biggest asses known to mankind. It is because of this that she dresses the way that she does and always looks so put together, whether any of us personally like her or her individual outfit choices. So due to her body shape you won't see her leaving the house looking frumpy. Why? Because she's only 5'2" tall. That's a whole lotta woman for such a small package! Then when I took the time to think about, I realized that the same can be said for me. While I'm not as curvy or have such an insanely enviable ratio for my anatomical proportions, I'm happy with where I'm at and I feel like I can definitely take some cues from Kim and learn that having a heavy top and a full bottom with a narrow center while also NOT being not the tallest of women, means that it all boils down to refining and reeling back all the excess fabrics, all the distracting embellishments and all the crazy colors. It also means that it's time to establish a signature look and say goodbye to dizzying array of trends. This gives way to room for getting to know yourself very very well.

What I realized is that I missed the days when I was super feminine, flirty and youthful; where my signature look consisted of blending the edgier side of trends with an eternal sense of whimsy. It's a clue to why I've been caught wearing a lot of white lately because I love anything that looks whimsical, ethereal and just kind of pure. Coming up this week I'll be waxing poetic about personal trainers and working out and getting back into shape before I head out overseas to countries where I literally will be eating my way through the cities! So take a look below. I put together a few looks of Kim Kardashian's fashion style and her most recent outfits before the baby, then I put together a little look book of some of the outfits I probably would wear after I've combined her style with what I feel like represents my personality. Soon I'll update you guys with a great post coming up next week when I'm about to hop on my flight to go travel the world and I'll share with you my packing list and all the goodies that I have reduced my wardrobe down to, so stay tuned!



What about you, is your wardrobe representing a style you relate to or are you just busy chasing trends no matter the effect?


  1. my wardrobe is all my style even if it looks like I share it with 3 different people.

    Kim K can either be hit or miss. But she gets it right she nails it.

    1. Haha, that's an interesting way to put it. Though what I was referencing is definitely aimed more at people who endlessly tire over the style of others without ever interjecting themselves into the equation. I didn't get that bad thankfully, but I rather wake up now before it happens. And I agree, when Kim gets it right...its just right. For her.

  2. I absolutely enjoy reading your blog! Everytime I see a new post from you, I can't wait to read it. I love how you write! It's full of intriguing experiences, useful information and your vocabulary is rich! I'm such a big fan.

    You look fabulous in your outfit! It's a great outfit that defines your body in the nicest way!:D

    x Charms│My ∞ Fashion Confession

    1. Ahh thanks so much Charmaine, such a sweet comment. Glad you enjoy the posts. I rather be rich with vocabulary than rich in dollars any day! xx


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