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my 30 day countdown to becoming a minimalist solo traveler

The time has come. Opportunities are rolling in and I now officially have less than a month before I need to jet set over to a new life on the other side of the world. You shouldn't be so surprised. You read in my earlier post all my reasons why one should consider becoming a minimalist woman and embark on a traveling adventure while making homes in new places. Instead of continuing on a path filled with envy and complacency, I decided to give the damn experiment a try. What have I got to lose? Besides my mind. And those are overrated. So here it is, my super easy countdown checklist of exactly how to become a minimalist in 30 days for slow travel around the world:

  • declutter the house and cull the wardrobe, with the intention of emulating the classic 5 piece french wardrobe
  • form new digital habits and replace or keep only the necessary pieces of technology (ie. iPad vs laptop, point and shoot vs dslr...)
  • get essential vaccinations when and if needed whilst not freaking oneself out by hoarding sets of propagated medications (natural remedies cure all, and death is natural!)
  • plan a slow travel itinerary, country hopping every week is for moronic zombies who are out of touch with gratitude and a sense of immersion
  • get finances in order whether through banking, currencies, freelance work, or killing two birds with one stone by selling aforementioned wardrobe on eBay
  • go and don't look back
Speaking of wardrobes, I'll be giving away my most coveted designer and vintage pieces as well as some "why the hell did I buy that" items in the form of a online store called Shop My Closet which you'll be able to access anytime from my sidebar on the right and will be updated weekly. You give me chump change, I'll give you some Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg, among others. Knock yourself out.


  1. It's cool to hear that your travel plans are coming true! Congratulations!


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