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Jun 26, 2013

in my bag: sw basics, sprout watches, true beauty boxes

It is so hot outside. Are you hot? It's hot. Time to keep things light. Here's a peek at my goodies. And no, not that kind!


Jun 25, 2013

how to curate a minimalist wardrobe like a french girl

This isn't going to work. And it's not you, its me. I'm just not as gracefully elegant, waify, and elusive as I once thought. I have no 'je ne sais quoi' to speak of. Perhaps I'm too young. For certain I'm too American. But if the last month and a half has taught me anything, its that the effortlessness of minimalist dressing is a false proposition. It's a paradox bordering on utopian thought. If only we lived in a world where women never have to try, but sadly that world does not exist, even for the femme fatales overseas who simply look like they don't try. My inside sources tell me that is completely untrue. 

Jun 21, 2013

{sale} stella mccartney bootie wedges for under $200!

Thanks to the magical powers that be at eBay, I am officially a Stella McCartney shoe owner for the first time in my own fashion history. Its been a long time coming, but unfortunately as a jaded New Yorker on a stingy budget and penance for avant-garde European trends, Jeffrey Campbell had my heart for many years, until finally I came to the realization that classic beats copycat any day. So while I'm off to strut in my new strappy sandals by Paul's lovely prodigy daughter, I couldn't resist converting one of my dear readers. If you're a classics addict like me, this vegan suede wedge bootie by Stella is a must, and when I saw that sale price I nearly fainted. Get it while it's hot girls!

{editorial} twinkle twinkle

Here is a story about a girl who reveled in times past. With a twinkle in her eye and one foot always planted somewhere in the present, she'd travel to places far and wide with an single swipe of her rouge and wrap of her pearls.

Jun 20, 2013

the history of beauty & how beauty inspires fashion trends

A funny thing happens you know, when one succumbs to leading a minimalist lifestyle: the cream floats to the top. Just last year I had an innumerable amount of distractions vying for my attention, acting as an ally to my impulsive emotions like jealousy and fear, but certainly playing enemy to my true desires for simplification and being my true self. Once I finally removed myself from a fester pool of completely unnecessary habits, actions, materials, information, and annoyances, my flaws and imperfections had their 15 minutes. The abstract concept of beauty instantly became my focus and there was nowhere for my insecurities to hide. One doesn't need a magnifying mirror to be reintroduced with the blemishes and features that completely disillusion us into thinking we are less of a person with them around. For many women of color that could be their nose, their melanin genes, and even the fact that they are "of color" to begin with. How ironic that these days even light skin women hate their noses and skin color, enough to keep the tanning and plastics business alive and kicking. And while television introduced me to the notion of going under the knife, I absolutely have never found myself even remotely interested in changing what my parents concocted, even if my Jamaican nose and chubby baby cheeks are going nowhere fast. Instead I find myself utterly yearning for a new found intimacy with my skin, nutrition, hair, and overall inner beauty.

Jun 19, 2013

review: maybelline bb cream & eyebrow kits ingredients review

Ahh good to be back. I've finally moved my entire house to a new, smaller, more quaint apartment in the city and feel my soul filling up again, especially after reading the most enlightening book I've ever laid eyes on called The European Dream. So just dropping in with the highly anticipated second beauty video as part of my new review series for aspiring green beauty converts. I'm taking the time to compare department store brands with natural and eco-friendly brands, and first up is the ever enticing BB cream phenomenon. Since women of color and darker skin tones still suffer from the lack of choices, I of course found myself gravitating to the always reliable Maybelline who unsurprisingly had stock of shades fit for my chocolatey skin. Hurrah. So stay tuned, and please let me know if you have hopped on the BB cream bandwagon too!

Jun 18, 2013

my month on instagram

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Jun 17, 2013

wearing all white for spring is bliss

wearing Bioneuma knit dress, Thief & Bandit organic cotton leggings, thrifted Stella McCartney sandals, Mink wallet

I needed a little break this month, and you might know why after my post here, but I'm back and have an inspiring new perspective on sustainable, ethical, and minimal living. I think you'll be pleased. Let's catch up on Wednesday dolls.
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