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SALE: shop organic by john patrick spring collection

Thank goodness it's Friday dolls, because I need a good staycation. If you're in New York too, go see if FOS Living down in Long Island is as fabulous as it sounds. Just discovered it yesterday and the owner is a powerhouse of knowledge. I doubt you'd leave there looking anything short of A-list. And speaking of lists that are unnecessarily elitist, let's celebrate the birth of the weekend with a new treat just for you shall we. Introducing {VIP} Fridays. Every week I'll get a little schmoozey with my most beloved (and relentlessly background checked...I can't help it!) eco-style and ethical fashion brands in order to bring you exclusive access to generous sales (because frugality is my best quality). Only once a week though, as we wouldn't want you over-consuming like some chick on a bad episode of the TLC hoarders show. And with that, I am pleased to kick it off with a deep discount over at Organic by John Patrick, the epitome of high quality basics for the Lillie girl who wants her wardrobe as pure as the Virgin Mary, and then some. You caught sight of me in their signature white linen mini skirt in this minimalist wardrobe building exploration here but I even love how chic it was styled for their runway show and lookbooks above. Whether you're a Portland hipster or uptown pearl girl, the pieces are so classic and versatile with a little something something for everyone. Ahhh that crisp linen...

These are some of the pieces I tried on, and as luck would have it, this brand is so far reaching that small boutiques stock it everywhere. Go figure. One point for local organic fashion. My faves were the organic cotton button-down even though I had trouble figuring out how to wear it while not being a waify supermodel or even shorter yet artfully chic like Anna Karina (but really, wouldn't we wish to just be Lauren Hutton and call it a day!) and their leathered up elbow patch sweater is so luxuriously high quality I could run it over with a 4x4 every weekend and it'd probably still hold up gracefully!

DISCOUNT: 30% off


code: LILLIE

Where to get the goods: Organic by John Patrick


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  2. the collection looks so great - thanks for sharing the information about the patrick spring collection!

  3. @Tanja, you're welcome! It really is such a well executed brand of staple pieces. Though the pricing is not my fave, once on sale, its worth scooping up ;)

  4. These are such looks, great collection!

  5. I love these shorts <3 ! great post Dear :)


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