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my white nature

was just playing around in the backyard today and thought i would share. these adorable white cotton pieces are part of a secret fashion project, and can't spill the beans until this weekend. BUT for now I really want to make a little note about proportions. as a fashion stylist back in the day, my hugest pet peeve was not just a model with bad posture, but a model who was suffocating in wrong proportions which would mostly be because it looked great on set and then horrible on film so we constantly check images on the laptop in real time (there is a reason us fashion insiders know a camera tops a mirror any day! little tip for you). I know my all white Springtime outfit might seem pretty, but in fact they its a hit and miss. the good is when I am standing still, tie the shirt into a bow, and am completely pretending to be Sasha Fierce. the bad and the ugly is when I start to move around, and what do you know, I no longer have a torso! since I am a girl with curves, it makes me appear shorter than I am. so to make this look work, I need a much more fitting top to not come off looking frumpy!

any short torso girls out there have trouble rocking full skirts and big shirts?


  1. I love the high waisted skirt!! I can't wait for it to get warmer here in NYC...


  2. Anonymous9:20 AM EDT

    I love this white outfit. I have a thing for white clothes these days...they're just so simple and chic.


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