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flashback to the past as a fashion stylist!

woah I am in utter shock right now! I was cleaning up my computer and decided to finally go deep and actually do ONLINE spring cleaning as well (am I the only one who constantly forgets login passwords??) and you will not believe what I found: my first ever fashion photo shoot courtesy of old Youtube account (even better, it was all vintage fashion!). it wasn't a lame emotional moment, but bittersweet nonetheless. I was literally 17 years old, just a girl with a dream in a small city and absolutely no experience. practically ended up running the magazine that was in the beginning just a fashion internship. and now you can take a peek at what a teenager with some big balls can accomplish. I am the one taking the video, so you can't see me, but I styled all the looks, art directed, chose the hair and makeup looks, and casted the models. below are peeks at how it turned out after editing!

so what are your fashion dreams these days? mine still involve playing dress up, Paris, and lots of vintage!

ps- I found one more treasure trove of me doing styling photo shoots at 17 and 18 years old if anyone wants to see just comment below!

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