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Apr 29, 2013

diy turban headwrap looks two ways

spring 2013 turban headwrap trend marc jacobs dolce gabbanna

There's something about trends that are inexplicably lost on me, and being a fashion editor I find the irony to be alarming. Without fail, a slew of new prevailing tendencies emerge from the catwalks of my hometown, and Paris, and Melbourne, and London, and of course Africa and Brazil are never too far behind. In my former life as a stylist it would be my duty to digest, regurgitate, and promote unanimously agreed upon looks of the season. Thankfully I've designed my own description of what a fashion editor is, what with my new slow-and-steady-wins-the-race magazine that focuses on sustainable fashion and mindful living, but alas you cannot take the curious fashionista out of the fashion editor. 

Asking me when turbans first arrived on the scene would be like asking a toddler where Pluto is. I, and the toddler, just have no idea. Studying trends as if it were my life fuel are days long, long gone, but I do know that hair pieces, head wraps, turbans, avant-garde hats and anything else that can rest on your head besides your hair has been a mainstay in the designer salad mix since Isabella Blow and Sex and the City. The very idea of a couture hat on my head gives me shivers though. In part due to my unshakable flashbacks of grandma wearing unruly concoctions atop her head every Sunday for church. No thanks. And I DID have a very insatiable love affair with headbands that fed my girly girl accessory addiction (this was a phase of my life where I very much resembled Honey Boo Boo, don't ask). But when it came to turbans and headwraps, I was stone cold to the idea. Absolutely not. Designers wanted me, a brown-skinned gal, to put a wrap on my head without judgement aimed in my direction? That was laughable. Try walking into a business meeting with a turban! No, my family is not from Ghana, thanks for asking. Or, no, I do not have marijuana infested dreadlocks under here. Thanks for asking. Better still, is when women like me reject the notion of ethnic inspired fashions, leaving room for white models to paint their skin black and throw on turbans galore, which if you didn't hear...that actually happened and caused quite the outrage.

So finally, on a very cloudy and boring Sunday that we'll call yesterday, I threw on a couple looks to see if I could peel myself off the turban hate floor and actually embrace this trend. Not for trend purposes, but purely to accept myself as a gal who can rock an ethnic look without the stifle. 


Apr 25, 2013

jeffrey campbell rock me in sweet pink baby

Let's talk about heels for a second. When did your love start? Not with the guy, with the HEELS. For me, that is overly simple to answer. Since my mom is not Diana Ross, and there was no Pandora's box of sumptuous leathers, spunky sequins, or strappy Manolos...I simply resorted to adopting Sarah Jessica Parker as my unbeknownst-to-her mother. Perhaps there was a heel or two beforehand. A modeling photo session wearing a flea market twinset strutting down my neighborhood comes to mind (but like the bad flea markets of the south, not the way its become de rigueur these days...the twinset was baby blue...enough said). And maybe even a kitten heel, which now the sight of such a silhouette makes me audibly cringe, as in near regurgitation and resentment towards all designers who would fail womankind in such a horrid way. Kitten heels are enough of a faux pas for their own blog post another day. A day after I've had some wine and can let the truth be told. I would say vodka, but let's be honest, just the smell of rubbing alcohol alone gets me drunk, that's how lightweight I am.

So for me heels really became a point of infatuation in the late 90s when idolizing Sarah Jessica on Sex and the City was right there on my list of to dos following brush teeth and eat food. Watching that show made me become one with the show and all that fashion is capable of. I coveted heels for the sex appeal. For the extreme instant gratification of confidence adrenaline. For the sake of sliding my foot into something so frivolous in which its very nature reminded me how damn good it is to be a woman.


Apr 23, 2013

sleek minimal style like model joan smalls

Okay I have a bit of a rave rant. Ever get the feeling that models on the street take their job too seriously? Sashaying down the avenue in a head to toe runway look, as if being a clothes hanger 9-5 wasn't enough. I find myself gravitating towards enviable beauties who rock a certain je ne sais quois, almost looking like they just don't give a damn. When it comes to utterly stellar minimalism, my little black book of tricks to peek at always includes...


Apr 19, 2013

currently lusting vegan metallic stilettos

to buy, or not to buy...that is the question! what do you think dolls, do these fiercely fabulous shoes look like a must-have or a trendy wardrobe fling? this is what I'll be wondering over the weekend. that, and whether or not I should cheat on my detox cleanse with dark chocolate.

what are your weekend plans?



Apr 17, 2013

my white nature

was just playing around in the backyard today and thought i would share. these adorable white cotton pieces are part of a secret fashion project, and can't spill the beans until this weekend. BUT for now I really want to make a little note about proportions. as a fashion stylist back in the day, my hugest pet peeve was not just a model with bad posture, but a model who was suffocating in wrong proportions which would mostly be because it looked great on set and then horrible on film so we constantly check images on the laptop in real time (there is a reason us fashion insiders know a camera tops a mirror any day! little tip for you). I know my all white Springtime outfit might seem pretty, but in fact they its a hit and miss. the good is when I am standing still, tie the shirt into a bow, and am completely pretending to be Sasha Fierce. the bad and the ugly is when I start to move around, and what do you know, I no longer have a torso! since I am a girl with curves, it makes me appear shorter than I am. so to make this look work, I need a much more fitting top to not come off looking frumpy!

any short torso girls out there have trouble rocking full skirts and big shirts?


Apr 16, 2013

gift of pretty

Ahh, the gift of pretty. Its time to bring it back. Because sometimes you just need things to perk you up, wet your lips, and leave you in awe.



flashback to the past as a fashion stylist!

woah I am in utter shock right now! I was cleaning up my computer and decided to finally go deep and actually do ONLINE spring cleaning as well (am I the only one who constantly forgets login passwords??) and you will not believe what I found: my first ever fashion photo shoot courtesy of old Youtube account (even better, it was all vintage fashion!). it wasn't a lame emotional moment, but bittersweet nonetheless. I was literally 17 years old, just a girl with a dream in a small city and absolutely no experience. practically ended up running the magazine that was in the beginning just a fashion internship. and now you can take a peek at what a teenager with some big balls can accomplish. I am the one taking the video, so you can't see me, but I styled all the looks, art directed, chose the hair and makeup looks, and casted the models. below are peeks at how it turned out after editing!

so what are your fashion dreams these days? mine still involve playing dress up, Paris, and lots of vintage!

ps- I found one more treasure trove of me doing styling photo shoots at 17 and 18 years old if anyone wants to see just comment below!

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Apr 15, 2013

obsessed with vintage again

oh how I miss Miami. as a youngster living right off "The Ave" just a stone's throw away from some of the country's most indulgent shopping, I usually scoffed at high-priced designer labels and went straight into the thrifty vintage shops. if you're ever in MIA, check out Fly Boutique, my alma mater but also just one of the very best vintage boutiques and consignment shops i've ever been inside. that's saying allot coming from a born and bred new yorker! plus, i have som flashback outfits to prove it. that camel-toned gold trim belt and snakeskin chain bag didn't grow on trees!

ps- this is all just to say that i really want a reason to splurge on vintage for no rhyme or reason. where do you shop for vintage these days? i'm out of the loop!


Apr 14, 2013

my new all natural haircut

okay here goes. the first ever online reveal! in prep for my personal style project, did a little tweaking and makeover shenanigans. what do you think? a before and after after the jump...



this is literally the first haircut I have had in almost a decade. means allot to go au naturale. still getting used to it, but time to embrace change right!
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