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the whole pilates thing and why its great

Benefits of Pilates:

*You no longer have to feel guilty when passing by the never-ending racks of fitness apparel in the department stores because you actually have a reason to wear them know, as opposed to that whole "I'm just in an 80s trend" thing you were doing before. Poser.

*You get to meet and connect with other women who also live mindfully and holistically and give you a derriere to aspire to.

*You get exclusive access to a full length mirror! Not the phony bathroom kind where you only see your face, or the dressing room kind where you are suffocating inside four walls. But that good floor to ceiling kind like at ballet studios where everything doesn't look as bad as you thought.

And you know, that's a big deal for women. We want to do good and be fit, but it always seems so out of reach. Today I just decided to look at the somewhat short (not supermodel tall like I imagined) and curvy (in a real way, not curvy like victoria's secret commercial way) reflection staring back at me and I was grateful for where I was. A few pounds heavier than last year, but in all the right places. And even better, I finally discovered some new labels for my fitness shopping addiction.

So here's the deal. I'm a resourceful gal. Even whilst doing my own thing I always volunteer or work part-time. Last year I decided the new adventure would be to work 4 hours a week at a pilates studio for the mucho BENEFITS. A girl can't turn down free classes and shop discounts. Did I mention the spa? Yes, a natural spa. But low and behold, my lazy butt never took a class. Not. One. Class. However, I'm looking at the silver lining here, because now that I have finally emerged from the winter doom that was my central heated apartment, I now get out to classes weekly while rocking super smooth bamboo fitness gear. Here are a few of my faves so you can bust a move soon too, while doing the right thing by the planet:

For the Marshalls and TJ Maxx Lillie Girl

They carry a brand called Green Apple. After hours of browsing, this is a fantastically affordable option for those on a ramen noodle budget or whoever just likes a good deal (aka shopping in bulk and calling it a "spree"). I spend under $20 and got the pants you see in the pic above. Forgive me.

For the Namaste Lillie Girl

Beyond Yoga is one brand found at the studio I worked for and they believe in sustainability as well as true yoga freedom. Thankfully no greenwashing here. They use real organic cotton and have styles that flatter any booty. Make sure to use the search bar, not all the pieces use the "good fabrics". Start here.

For the Luxe Lillie Girl

If you have the dough to spend, I love the quality of Alo Sport, which also sells menswear. They feature organic cotton as well as super smooth bamboo, but verge on the high-end price point with no real sales in sight. Start here.

And do not for one second feel guilty that there aren't enough options to binge on eco-friendly fitness goodies. My top is 100% rayon, but its the best I can do for now without spending a fortune (because who wants more reasons to be discouraged right), and that works for me. It's not our fault that there aren't enough designers, stores, and accessible goods. So embrace what you've got! Including the muffin top. The again, if you really want to remove the muffin top, you might be able to have your cake and eat it too, or at least some coffee...check this out

How do you make your workout a little greener?

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