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Mar 29, 2013

Day 5: Getting Clean And The Truth About Detox Juicing


Okay, okay. I missed Day 4 yesterday. Sue me! To be honest, I had no dire green living needs to address. But the irony is not lost on me. This is the whole point: everyday there are choices that can be made more green, we just have to acknowledge them. Did you wipe your butt yesterday? I bet you did! So make sure you're using a nice cuddly brand of recycled tissue paper instead of the brand that has a cuddly bear on national commercials (you know the one...the same tissue paper that is destroying habitats for bears around the world..duh). Or maybe you decided to go to sleep, you know, the way humans usually do at the end of each day. Well, sheets are a popular cause for skin irritation and breathing problems, not to mention our highly toxic comfy mattresses that slowly kill us in the night. So yes, I did think yesterday was just another day, but as I look around, there are simple things I could be doing differently. It's not about eco-perfection, its just about choice.

Today though, I want to talk about food. My favorite subject! At Lillie Magazine there is no shortage of gorgeous recipe editorials. But I rarely find myself in the mood to cook every night, and that can lead to fast food mistakes, binging, and one too many peanut butter chocolate sandwiches (hello Wednesday!). So it's time to refresh and I have just the thing for you! A little weekend fixer upper where you can start small yet see big results. I did it last week and it was fabulous. It's a Reboot Your Booty weekend cleanse by Tracy Lee Jones that has some killer vegan and vegetarian recipes (well they need adaptations, I didn't agree with all her choices) so you can feel fantastic by Monday. Let me know how it goes! Download here: Reboot Your Booty SpecialWeekendEdition


Mar 27, 2013

The Mystical Creature We'll Call Eco Vegan Handbags

The Quest For A New Ultimate Carry-all That Resembles My Fave Bag From The Spring Runways, But Not Resembling In A Counterfeit Sort Of Way, And Also Only Costs $100...Make it $50

Long story short...........I didn't find crap! Excuse my German. But really, how frustrating that I find myself to be the ultimate sale shopper, bargain bin digger, designer hunter, et al, and during mega post-winter season sales, I came home after a soothing (yes, I said soothing because shopping is a massage for me) day of shopping sprees galore empty-handed, as in no new fabulous handbag to call my own. I do indeed blame this on the fact that chain stores change their merchandise like once every lunar eclipse. Okay that's not true, maybe being unemployed, or self-employed rather (*cough* they run along the same lines no?) has had a traumatic affect on my ability to shop. You know, because I hear you need money to actually take the items out of the stores, otherwise it is know as shoplifting or something like that. Which I find laughable because Ms. Shoplift Universe was on the cover of Vogue's August cover all swathed in Vera Wang and Vuitton right after her huge scandal (I see you Winona Ryder). So maybe Anna Wintour is sending us all a message, those who steal shall be rewarded with a complimentary career booster. You heard it here first! I tease, I tease.

But truly, the real issue is not a lack of funds or high prices, its just a lack of choices period. Luckily I've noticed DSW surprisingly carrying a great selection of vegan accessory brands which I would never expect, but big box department stores that we all rely on in our local shop zones are still despicable with their racks upon racks of petroleum-laden "designer" luxury goods. Why spend your entire bonus check on something that says Italian leather (aka fancy, painted, dead animal skins), but made in China, then shipped thousands of miles on our tax dollar to the US, then raised a retail markup of 300% to then be found in your closet emitting VOCs up the yoohoo. And did I mention a child probably produced that bag? Not very ethical.
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