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May 13, 2012


White Peach Sangria

My leaning cake of Pisa. Boy is there a knee slapping story behind this one. I'm no Martha Stewart (or one of Martha Stewart's many minions), but I am superbly proud of this wannabe showstopping cake. Marbled layer cake with cream cheese and berry filling wrapped in white chocolate ganache.

These little bad boys were much better the day after. I love you Donna Hay, but your methods need refining for us simple folk, mmkay! Mint sweet pea risotto balls.

Watching the slimy pieces of peach slide out of the pitcher as I served my guests was highly amusing, but no less refreshing. Gingered white peach sangria with organic dry white wine.

Can you believe I've never dared cook or eat beets? Ever. Like never ever. Join the revolution and dive in. These were divine. Creamy beet and herbed cream cheese cucumber tea sandwiches

I choose my cheese the way I choose my cookbooks, the prettier and pinker, the better. Cheese plate with speckled pink hard cheese, peppered goat and soft brie. 

I pretend to be French at random moments throughout my days. Pâté is just one of my guilty pleasures. However, I turn my nose up at chicken in favor of fatty duck. Like a true Parisian of course. But grandma and her handy recipes made the thrifty American in me quite pleased. Homemade chicken liver pâté with French baguette and garden herb pesto.

There are no words. These cupcakes had more people bowing and thanking me than spiritual seekers praising the Dalai Lama. Carrot cupcakes with cheesy dulce de leche buttercream.

The last of my Blackberry Farm Cookbook concoctions. This was sooo good. Mulled strawberry lemonade.

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  1. This looks incredible, kudos to you! Can you post the Strawberry mulled recipe?

  2. this cake is incredible! utterly pretty and perfect in all it's pisa-esk-ness. i would have loved to see it in real.

    biggest of hugs

  3. @Rachel, ahh thanks darlin! I posted the recipe just for you ;)

    @Scarlett, haha you are too funny. I'm glad you got my joke. I will save you a slice :P


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