MENU: seasonal mother's day garden party

May 5, 2012

It's that time again. Not sure what time I'm in fact referring to actually, seeing as how I've never even attempted to undertake what I'm about to delve into this weekend, but I can certainly allude to an air of veteran confidence. I speak of Mother's Day, a holiday I could have sworn was still months away (seriously, wasn't it just New Year's) but now has crept up on us as did the blazing rays of the summer sun. But who could possibly complain about warm weather when Spring has gifted us a plethora of beautiful produce, root vegetables and fragrant florals. And although you may think I entertain as often as politicians get busted with a mistress, I honestly am a soirée virgin. A housewarming here, birthday there, and Christmas party for good measure (if only to bake chocolate gingerbread cookies by the boatload for good reason...or at least, for defense reasons) are the humble gatherings I've half hazardly thrown together for the sake of eating and alcohol, but really, I've yet to truly "throw a party". So here I am, knee deep in menu planning, floral arrangements (something else I've never done in my life!) and curious to see what you guys think. Are you planning a get together for the big day? What ideas are you loving, and what goodies are you lusting? I know some secrets are sacred, but a little feedback on my menu and I promise droolworthy recipes and embarrassing kitchen stories in return.

Tea Sandwiches & H'orderves
Creamy Beet Sandwiches
Brie and Fig Spread on Brioche, open face
Deviled Eggs With Chives
Crispy Pea Risotto Balls
Duck Mousse Truffle Pate Baguette, open face
French Cheese Plate with Wildflower Honey, Figs and ___?

Soaked Lavender Cherries
Carrot Cupcakes
Whiteout Cake with Mixed Berry Cream Cheese Filling and White Chocolate Ganache

White Peach Sangria
Strawberry Lemonade
Cucumber Basil Ice Cube Flavored Water

Celebrate the awakening of Spring where one can indulge buffet style as well as a quiet sit down in the shade of a willow tree...
  • Backyard garden
  • Local farm, barn, or vineyard
  • Your local park for a perfectly pretty city-view tea party picnic

Sitting Pretty
Make the table a rhapsody of purple, white and just a hint of hunter green
  • Berry and herbal infused pastel drinks in bell jars
  • Small vases or shot glasses filled with rich, black soil and a centered candle
  • Spring blossom branch napkin rings
  • Two-tiered bread bowl with floral border
  • Use a potting plant instead of a boring traditional ice bowl
  • Head to bargain fabric shops for pastel floral or linen/burlap scraps for the making of a perfectly pretty table runner.
  • Flea markets or garage sales are sure to have doilies I can use for place mats.
  • Florals...oh florals. Still lost there. Definitely peonies and roses! Make use of mugs for arrangements, or a floating petal bowl as a centerpiece. And just got my weekly Goop email with tons of floral inspiration!
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  1. Oh wow that all looks amazing!! Especially the Whiteout Cake with Mixed Berry Cream Cheese Filling and White Chocolate Ganache, which you have to share the recipe for once you've done it. I'm sure this will all make for a very special Mothers Day.

    It's weird, here in the UK Mothers day was ages ago. I don't live near my mum anymore, so she came up for the day to London and I took her around the sites and had a lovely meal out.

  2. Yum yum yum yum yum! That sounds like one delicious menu.


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