CRAVING: chocolate sacher torte

May 3, 2012

Did you meet my beautiful new guest blogger Scarlett yet? Oh goodness, if you haven't, please go read the About page up there on the left and get acquainted. She's not just a beauty, she's uncontrollably honest, endearing, and utterly relatable. I miss that whilst perusing my favorite blogs, don't you? Everyone has gotten too big for their own good, and the only big thing I like comes in the form of a six foot tall man on Sex And The City. That's why I hope if you ever see this blog crossing the line, boasting about our paid trip to the headquarters of Chanel in Paris to sit on an epicurean "panel" and our cookbook advance checks from our publishers at Random House that afforded us the right to ignore all comments on posts since 2010, that you will without hesitation slap this blog in its virtual face. No nonsense here, just good old fashion wholesome food with a healthy dose of sugar.

And you know what else I miss? Chocolate! Oh dear me, where has my stash of chocolate gone (update: I forgot I brought along half a bar of virgin dark chocolate by Raaka to get through tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy). I've been salivating for some chocolate cake for weeks now. This whole eating seasonally and turning Spring's fruity bounty into desirable desserts like roasted pineapple upside down cake and iron skillet apple crumble is wreaking havoc on my chocolate withdrawal. This week, while I consume an unimaginable amount of organic chocolate ice cream that I bought as topping for the aforementioned cakes, I will satisfy myself by living vicariously through Scarlett and her epically beautiful chocolate decadence. But I'm hoping you'll join me in petitioning to get her to post the recipe for another version of this chocolate cake she describes. "My mother used to do do this soft, spongy, really humid chocolate cake with apricot marmalade and a shiny chocolate glaze on top; a sachertorte par excellence." Oh my gosh. I know the grass isn't always greener, but the craving of one chocolate cake is only more surmounted by the yearning for another. Baby steps my friends, baby steps. You've been warned, but proceed here for the recipe.


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  2. bahaha you totally crack me up. If you are ever on a paid trip to Paris, I will be mad but only for one reason... because I wasn't invited. ;)


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