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LUSTING: apolis market bag

Sometimes you grab any old bag and just head to the nearest market. But sometimes, you lust after a bag so beautiful in its simplicity, that it makes you desperate to find a market where you can wander aimlessly looking for that perfect loaf of fresh French bread, juicy grapes, and straight-from-the-oven apple pie. Ah, and farm fresh eggs of course. This market bag beauty from Apolis will do just the trick. And don't worry, the $58 price tag is for the pure authenticity, handmade craftsmanship, and cost of bringing fair trade to the world. The again, you could of course blow that pretty penny at the supermarket instead, where food isn't really food so much as it's a chemical orgy that makes you ugly and fat, and they give you polluting, sea life suffocating, oil industry addicted plastic bags to take that fake food home with as the cherry on top. Yeah, a pretty market bag is much better...that's what I thought.
images courtesy Apolis Global


  1. i love it!!!! what an outfit to the market with this bag

  2. I really like is so simple and makes me want to go shop at a farmer's market on sunday morning. Just lovely

  3. Thanks! Im glad you liked it! Putting oufits together like that is such an addiction sometimes :) the project basically starts with my own clothing line and to launch online! xx hope to hear from you soon


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