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a love letter to tiger in a jar

Dear Tiger,

Sometimes you come across something so extraordinarily beautiful, fantastically brilliant, perfectly whimsical, and just the right amount of precious...that for a moment of stunned indulgence you turn your head left to right in mischief, hoping no one is around, peeking in at your wonderful discovery. You harbor this new treasure like a surprise gift for none other than yourself. You find yourself gravitating towards it time and again, each time feels anew, like a pink peony always in bloom. After some time you feel the subtle guilt wash over you. This gift is too special to keep to yourself. You daydream about the chosen ones...the select few who will get to revel in this delight with you. A friend. Sisters. Blog readers.

Well, I admit to my guilt. Since this summer I have been harboring your precious talent like a fugitive. Ever since our meeting on Gilt Taste when your Beet Cake video left me in awe, I've dreamt about your sweet melodies, your prancing cupcakes, and your crafty recipes. I've lived vicariously through your intoxicating travels, from the woods and farms to beaches and home again. And today, I find myself opening my computer, logging onto the web, and typing your blog into my address bar. Today, a day when I'm feeling down and out, under the weather, and everything in between, its your wickedly creative videos and sweet postings that bring me pure bliss. So who am I to hold onto such a secret? I'm sharing you with all who will listen. Because if I had it my way, we'd live on the same street, I'd come over with a box of goodies, you would bake me cake in return, maybe even invite me over to a barbecue, and we'd laugh over ginger cocktails and aspargus salad while dreaming up sock puppet videos. But in a world full of stalkers, I'll keep those unfulfilled thoughts to myself. Just know, that should you ever get so busy you forget why you're doing something in the first place, or the sky is an endless shade of grey, or you feel far apart from those who love you....there is someone, somewhere, thinking about you and your wonderful art form.

By the way, it would be silly of me to deny that I dare fantasize about working on a video that involved my artisanal sweets, your mountain of creativity, and of course a killer catchy tune that ties it all together. What does a girl have to do to make this happen?

Reasons for my love affair with tiger in a jar:
  • In one swoop, Julie will steal sunflowers, down a macaron AND have time to concoct a strawberry soup. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing!?
  • The ingenious ways their videos captivate you make you forget about romantic comedies and megawatt reality tv weddings. You seriously want to have the storybook life as crafted in their videos.
  • They believe chocolate, flour, butter and good vanilla is all you need in this life. Oh and their snacks include apples with peanut butter and chocolate truffles with pink salt.
  • They have friends that send them picnic kits as a gift. I mean, that speaks for itself.
  • The fact that I finally tried beets at the farmer's market, was not completely sold, but was still so courted by this beet cake video that I will give it another go. Period.

images and video via tiger in a jar blog


  1. yes. yes. yes. i love this so much. i totally agree.
    -jocee <3

  2. megan and mike11:37 AM EST

    we just had them shoot a film for us and believe me, they are everything they seem to be and then some. beautiful people with amazing talent.


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