NYC: a food market labor day staycation

Sep 5, 2011

...what I've been up to! And you?


  1. Oh gosh, that all looks delicious and has definitely made me hungry.. but did I just read a biscuit sandwich? Wow! I'm intrigued xxx

  2. I need to go somewhere where you can buy food like that...

  3. Which market is this? I recently went to the Hester Street Market on the LES. Food markets are so fun

  4. @Claire, this is Smorgasburg in Brooklyn! Hands down, best food market in tri state area. Well, I am yet to visit the plaza market in Philly...and to be honest still havent made it to Hester. How is it?? Im gonna take my puppy this weekend and make a day of it, weather permitting.

  5. Ok definitely gonna go there! Hester was cool, very very small though. They had about 7 food vendors but they all were different and had really good food


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