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Well, well. If it isn't little miss window shopper. Who, you? No me. Silly. Ok let's cut the games. Friday nights are not complete without a little bit of virtual perusing...a bit of mischievous wishlist creating...perhaps even, a purchase. Gasp. And what better place to drop some serious dough (as in money...hold onto your flour girls!) than insatiable-quenching online shop Olive Manna.

Now, I am blaming this feverous habit of unnecessary money laundering on a new business venture. Its the king of all foodie ideas, and I'm launching it soon, just in time for the holiday season, with none other than my bloggie friend Mandy over at Honey & Thread. She and I have been secretly twirling our strands over a creative concept for people who love food and love it in their mouth. Something that will have you drooling every month. But its also something you will have to wait for. In the meantime, here are some of the delightful items I am currently adding to my cart for a bit of food packaging mischief...
all images courtesy Olive Manna

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